Add Distinction to Your Home

The biggest mistake that novices in interior design make is to go for the most expensive items, hoping that this would help them create that ambiance of elegance they want in a home.

If you want to give a unique and classy look to your place, it’s much better to focus on a few striking elements which, by themselves, can change the overall atmosphere.

Here are five elements to consider if you are on a home improvement journey.

1. Mirrors

In many European homes, especially in France or Italy, large decorative mirrors are a must-have. The main reason is that they can significantly enlarge a space, creating a beautiful optical illusion. Also, antique mirrors can be combined with contemporary decor for a more sophisticated look.

Space and the feeling of spaciousness are different things, this is why mirrors can contribute greatly to how you perceive an interior.

If your home has many small rooms or narrow hallways, mirrors can help you create the illusion of expansion. But they look great in big rooms too.

You can hang an elegant decorative mirror instead of a painting, making sure it reflects a nice area.

2. Flowers and Plants

When we see a space without any live plants, we can immediately tell that something is missing.

Plants and flowers can be the most subtle, yet effective elements that make a place look inspiring and memorable. Why? They bring colour and fragrance.

Add fresh flowers to a room and you’ll soon notice how their vibrant colours make your room seem livelier. If you enjoy taking care of plants, you can go for large house plant varieties that will create the impression of an exotic ambiance.

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3. Fountains

In the Middle East and Asia, water fountains are an omnipresent element in both private and public spaces.

Water features add a feeling of harmony and balance to a home as water is a symbol of abundance in feng shui. Beautiful fountains can be placed both inside and outside your home.

If you have an outdoor space available, you can find modern outdoor fountains with different eclectic or minimalist designs, so you can choose one that best fits your current outdoor arrangements.

Indoor fountains also come in various sizes and designs, and they carry additional benefits as they can maintain optimum humidity in a room.

4. Art

Art catches attention in an unmatched way in a home. To add distinction to your place, consider adding some large-size canvas or create wall art with separate frames.

This is a sure way to improve a room as long as your art choice matches the existing décor elements.

A nice artwork can easily become a focal point and give character even to the most minimalist space.

With so many options available with local and online galleries, it’s a matter of patience to find some paintings that spark your interest and can transform your home.

5. Rugs

Cleaning rugs is never fun, but a beautiful rug can add a new dimension to a room in terms of visual impact and cosine factor.

In large rooms, rugs create warmth and their colours can provide a good counterbalance for white or empty walls.

There are many different styles of rugs on the market but keep away from dull colors and faded tones. They can negatively affect the look of a room.

The same is true about small rugs, which don’t carry the same benefits as larger rugs when it comes to aesthetics.

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