Staying Pain-Free in 2021

It would be hard to argue that 2020 was a tough year. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, many people are hurting in more ways than one.

With vaccines rolling out in dozens of countries and economic stimulus on the way, 2021 is already looking to be a little bit brighter.

However, this doesn’t mean we’re completely out of the woods yet. Many people are still hurting – physically, emotionally, and financially. So, let’s look at a few of the best ways for you to stay pain-free in 2021!

1. Schedule a Visit to Your Doctor

In these uncertain times, you can’t be too careful about your health. So, schedule a visit to your primary care physician as soon as possible.

Getting a regular check-up is a good way to discover potential problems before they get out of hand. It’s also a great way to put your mind at ease.

Even if you just have some bunions causing you pain, you can talk to your doctor about the cause of bunions and discuss some possible treatment options.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Someone

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Someone

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It’s vitally important that you don’t let these difficult times take a toll on your mental well-being.

You don’t have to go see a therapist either. You can simply set aside time to talk to a friend, a partner, or a loved one.

Just make sure that you’re not bottling up your feelings or allowing stress to rule your life. If you go too long without talking to someone, it could do a lot more harm than you realize.

3. Find Time to Exercise

Sometimes, exercise can cause you pain. Fortunately, it’s the good kind of pain that subsides pretty quickly.

Workouts can help to reduce the discomfort of the joints, boost the mood, and relieve pain. In any case, exercise is a great way to keep in shape and ward off some of the most common diseases of our time.

Though you may see cardio as a “pain,” it can help you avoid issues like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. So, in the long run, exercise is the less painful option!

4. Practice Relaxation Techniques

Practice Relaxation Techniques

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It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the daily activities that you forget to take a beat and just relax. You don’t need to be a spiritual guru to practice some simple meditation or breathing exercises.

Just taking a few minutes out of your day to clear your head can do wonders for both your mind and your body.

If you have tense muscles or other physical signs of anxiety, you might consider combining your relaxation techniques with a low-impact exercise like yoga.

5. Make Financial Goals for the New Year

If you feel like 2020 was a disaster for your finances, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the government has provided some aid to those in need, and – to one degree or another – the economy is starting to return to normal in many parts of the country.

However, you shouldn’t let the economic recovery fool you. There are still tough times ahead and everyone needs to be prepared. So, be sure to set financial goals and put an actionable plan in place for the new year!

6. Eat Healthy and Ditch Inflammatory Foods 

Eat Healthy and Ditch Inflammatory Foods

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Important sources of inflammation include processed meats, fat, red meat, sodas, fried foods, and dietary supplements. A vital aspect of the body’s recovery mechanism is inflammation.

It draws the interest of the immune system to any aggressive foreign entity and helps the immune system to fend off any future infection.

Inflammation serves to save and protect the body, but as a red, achy joint, trembling pain, or the relentless painful feeling in your back, you may also notice inflammation.

Problems begin when, instead of a pathogen, conditions like diet or depression cause inflammation. There’s none to fight against here, and this misguided inflammation destroys normal healthy tissues in havoc.

7. Make meditation your morning routine 

One of the aspects that meditation allows us to alleviate pain is stress reduction. The body releases elevated levels of cortisol and chemicals called cytokines when we are nervous.

Cortisol regulates our immunity to pain and wears down the regeneration of tissues, whereas cytokines speed up inflammation and inflict pain.

2020 has been a very stressful year for everyone, so practicing meditation must be the new normal in 2021.

8. Take Your Supplements 

Take Your Supplements

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If you’re struggling to get all the nutrients, you need from fruit, then it’s time to seek a supplement. This could mean taking a supplement.

Sadly, vitamin D is normally present in only a few sources of food and is absorbed mainly by sun exposure, which is why medication is essential for people at risk of calcium, iron, or any other deficiency.

“Vitamin C, “Vitamin C is one of the most potent available antioxidants. Although vitamin C does not totally protect you from being ill, there is evidence that it may help you heal.

9. Stay Positive 

Keep a positive attitude. An optimistic outlook is a crucial component of progress in your life. To begin with basic stuff from keeping a journal of thanks, discovering activities that give you joy, talking to close friends that give you comfort, and most notably, actually practicing self-positive communication.

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