Guide To Lip Filler Treatment

Full lips are one of the defining factors for beauty in women and many women look forward to having luscious lips to enhance their look.

A lot of different cosmetic procedures are available in the market to help women achieve their dream look.

One such procedure is lip filler treatments. Lip fillers are injections applied on the lips to enhance the shape, volume, and structure of the lips.

A lot of women opt for injectables for their lips to change their shapes or make them look even and fuller. If you are one of them and want to invest in cosmetic procedures, you should be well informed about both the pros and cons of it.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the positives and negatives of getting lip fillers. To know more about lip fillers and its procedure click here.

Pros of Getting Lip Fillers

Apart from the most obvious advantage, which is the improved appearance of your lips, there are some other pros of the cosmetic procedure. They include:

  • It Is A Non-Operative Procedure

The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it is non-invasive. There are no cuts or surgery done on your lips and hence there is no bruising and hospitalization. Injectable fillers give people the liberty of having beautiful lips without having to go under the knife.

  • The Treatment Is Temporary and Reversible

The lip fillers slowly fade away after 4-6 months. The treatment is temporary and hence you can always opt to go back to your natural look if you do not like the filled-up lip or if the look is not as per your expectation.

  • Less Time Taking and Low Recovery Time

As stated in the first point, the procedure does not require any surgery so it can be easily performed within a few hours.

The effect is instantaneous, and you will be able to see visible results within minutes. The recovery time after the treatment is also very less.

There is a chance of some bruising or redness around your mouth for a few days or maximum a week, but it goes away and you will get flawless skin in no time. Also, the procedure involves low pain, and patients are given anesthetics.

  • It Is Customizable

You can tailor the treatment as per your needs. You can decide how much fullness you want to have or what kind of shape you want to have, and the professionals will design the procedure suiting your needs.

The lip filling does not always have to be done to get increase the volume, you can always just get the procedure done to even out the lip.

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Cons Of Getting Lip Fillers

Getting Lip Fillers

Just like the two sides of a coin, there are also some cons or disadvantages of the injections that should be noted before you go in for the procedure. These include:

  • It Can Be Costly

Even though amongst all the other options, lip fillers are the cheapest, the process can still cost you a lot of money. Depending on what kind of injections you get, the procedure can cost you hundreds of dollars for just one seating.

Also, there is an additional touchup cost and maintenance that needs to be followed if you want to see the best results.

  • Needs To Be Retouched

The temporariness of the procedure can be an advantage for some, but the regular retouching can also become a hassle for people looking for a more permanent solution. The fillers usually last for 4-6 months and need to be retouched or redone regularly.

  • Risk Of Allergies

Some people might be allergic to the chemicals in the lip injections which can cause severe reactions. Since the filler is being injected inside the tissues of your lips, it can cause swelling, pain, and even bruising of the skin.

To avoid this, it is important that you only seek experienced and trained professionals for this cosmetic treatment so that your allergies are kept in mind.

Treatments done by unauthorized and untrained professionals can lead to severe health consciences which are sometimes irreversible.

  • Possibility Of Getting Unexpected Results

Some people have unrealistic expectations from lip fillers which cannot be fulfilled at times. The procedure might not give you the expected result.

Furthermore, the lips might also become uneven or not return to their natural shape once the effects of the filler wash away and you do not get the lips re-touched.

There are chances of lips becoming asymmetrical or uneven which can be a problem for some people.

  • Might Cause Bruising

Even though the process does not involve any surgery there is a chance that the lips get bruised. These bruises are usually temporary but very difficult to hide. This means that it becomes difficult to hide that you have got your lips cosmetically treated.

The bruises eventually fade after a few days or weeks, but the initial days can be uncomfortable.

Are You The Perfect Candidate For Lip Filler Treatment?

Perfect Candidate For Lip Filler Treatment

Lip filler treatments can be for anyone who wants to enhance the shape of their lips. There are many trustworthy services such as lip fillers by CST Direct in Brisbane that can provide you with the perfect treatment for your lips. People with thin lips or lips that expose gums while smiling are the ones that most opt for the treatments.

In addition to this, people who think that their lips have sagged or thinned downed due to age or have uneven lips also prefer getting injectables to fill them.

Lip filling is completely safe if done by trustworthy professionals. Always make sure to consult your physician before getting any chemical treatments done on your body.

Additionally, always check the license of the clinic or the professional who will perform the procedure on you.

The above pros and cons should be helpful for you to decide whether fillers are the perfect treatment for you or not. Always go to professionals and consider your skin allergies before the procedure is performed.

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