Wai Lana, a popular yoga teacher just released a new music video and a short film entitled Alive Forever in the event of 2nd International Day of Yoga last 21st of June.

Alive Forever music video is a follow up to the previous year inspiring music video Namaste that she specifically produces to commemorate the first International Day of Yoga. Wai Lana was so pleased and honored to get lots of positive reviews on her previous video and to know that it motivates people to come as one in unity and feel as part of one big family.

Alive Forever is a very meaningful song. It has profound wisdom that Wai Lana likes to share to everyone. This music video will help individual become aware of the valuable, basic teachings of yoga. And this will also help people appreciate that they are more than these material bodies, that they are eternal spiritual beings.

It does not matter if you are poor or rich, old or young, girl or boy, illiterate or educated, regardless of what your race or color, none of you want to cease existing. Each and every one of you has in common a natural wish to be alive forever. The inspiring and sweet movie, as well as the lovely song, warms the heart due to its simple but very meaningful lyrics, which has the authority to free everyone from the anxiety of growing old and dying.

Listening and watching to this musical video, all of you could be happy, peaceful knowing that you do not need worry about getting old because the real self is everlasting and ever youthful. Wai Lana’s music film underscores the reality that age is only a number. Your youthfulness will remain eternal. So, free yourself from worries, just live your life – you are eternally youthful. 🙂

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