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Athleisure hasn’t lost its hold on the fashion world even in 2020. Whether you’re sporty or you just love to dress comfy and stylish, your personal aesthetic could go well with a bit of athleisure.

If you’re new to this versatile style or if you’re not sure how to choose and rock athleisure pieces, check out these 2020 athleisure trends:

Sportswear for everybody. In an age where inclusivity is important and beauty has no size, more brands will be coming out with sportswear ranges that look good on everyone. From the material to the size range, you can expect to see more variety in sportswear that emphasizes support and comfort for all bodies. From comfortable sports tops to plus-size leggings, athleisure will be including everyone in 2020. 

Versatile activewear. This is another way to say less is more. A lot of athletic wear is being redesigned to be more multifunctional so you can wear them across different occasions.

Gone are the days when you had to change out of your gym clothes to head to work or a party. You can look forward to keeping your outfit on and just accessorizing it for your next destination.

Some key pieces you’d like in your wardrobe are a nice jacket you can wear with anything, comfortable shoes, minimalist sweatpants, and more. 

Animal prints. Show off your wild side with your activewear this 2020. A few brands have already released sportswear ranges with vibrant animal prints that make the clothes look eye-catching and fun.

If you happen to love animal print, it might be time to update your wardrobe with nature-inspired athletic attire. 

Revamped leggings. The “leggings as pants” trend just got better in 2020. Expect more fun updates with legging designs that make them more practical and fashionable. As of late, leggings with pockets and zippers have been increasing in popularity.

The high-waist legging is here to stay, and leggings with sculpting properties are going to be trendy too! If you weren’t convinced to buy a pair of leggings last year, you might want to reconsider in 2020. 

Some key pieces you’d like in your wardrobe are a nice jacket you can wear with anything, comfortable shoes, minimalist sweatpants, and more. You can find lots of examples in the new Nike clothing range at SSENSE.

One-piece apparel. Love wearing bodysuits for your casual outfits? Now, you can wear them to the gym too. You can wear your leotards and bodysuits at the gym even if you’re not a dancer or gymnast.

One-piece clothing is versatile and comfy for a reason. After your workout, you can just slip on a skirt or a pair of pants, switch out your sneakers for boots or heels, and hit the club!  

Throwback silhouettes. Loved the looks of 90s sportswear or just the aesthetic in general? You’re in for a treat this 2020 because 90s trends will be big in the athleisure space.

Expect to see more people wearing oversized jackets, colorful windbreakers, classic style sneakers, and more to the gym and everywhere else this year. There’s always a reason to inject some nostalgia into your wardrobe, you can just do it with sportswear now. 

More pastel and neon. Calling all color lovers, say goodbye to drab activewear in 2020! If you’ve skipped wearing your workout clothes anywhere else besides the gym because they don’t match your colorful wardrobe, that’s all going to change.

You will be seeing workout apparel in more pastel and neon shades this year. No need to compromise between style and comfort anymore; you can express yourself at the gym and give your personal aesthetic a more laid-back feel. Related.

Green fashion. Sustainable activewear is becoming more popular. If you happen to prefer buying clothes that have a lower impact on the environment, you can now extend your support towards sportswear.

Many brands are making it a point to be transparent about where their fabric is sourced and how their clothes are made.  

Luxe fabrics. Do you dislike the frumpy and low-quality fabrics that a lot of athleisure wear are made of? Get ready to see a huge improvement in 2020.

Sportswear ranges will start to appear with softer and elegant drape fabrics that make them more versatile and acceptable to wear virtually anywhere. These innovative poly-blend fabrics are also lightweight and breathable.

Moreover, there are companies that are creating luxe and dry-touch fabrics by upcycling artificial fabrics as well. 

Unique logos. From oversized reiterations to interesting placement, logos will be a huge athleisure trend in 2020.

More sportswear will come with logos going down the sleeves or emblazoned on the sides of tee shirts to really make a statement.

If you happen to love comfortable clothes with a more offbeat take on logo placement and design, definitely incorporate some stylish activewear into your wardrobe.

There is nothing wrong with starting small when it comes to fashion. It’s just a matter of mixing and matching what’s new with what you already have.

With a bit of experimentation and a lot of confidence, you can slowly but surely make activewear a part of a classic and timeless style that’s uniquely yours!

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