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Giving birth is usually the most exciting phase of every expectant mother. Getting to see that tiny little one after 9 months is the ultimate reward every mother looks forward to.

The pregnancy journey is usually one exciting process and as a pregnant woman, experiencing very normal somebody changes. As a pregnant woman, here are some of the changes you are going to experience.

1. Morning sickness

The first trimester is usually quite amusing and it is always the challenging period of all the three trimesters women get to face and it is the period pregnant women hardly talk about.

Mothers-to-be need to know that, during this period; after every meal, they will feel sick, be nauseous, and might throw up, which always happens unexpectedly.

There are some birth and pregnancy products such as organic tea that can help to limit the nauseous feeling and prevent you from throwing up everything you eat. 

2. Varicose veins

The body will have to undergo several physical changes when the baby starts growing. It is somehow a miracle how women tend to get back to their normal bodies after birth without any sort of evidence that they carried a baby.

Stretch marks are some of the changes mothers-to-be can expect especially on the tummy. Though the stretch marks eventually go away plus any saggy skin on the belly that could be taken care of months after the baby is born.

Nonetheless, some mothers tend to suffer from slackening walls around their blood vessels which can result in varicose veins.

This takes place when the mother-to-be tends to stand on their feet for so long or a result of carrying heavy loads or even overweight. This causes the vein to swell and it can sometimes hurt or itch.

3. Insomnia

As a pregnant woman, expect to go to the bathroom more often, have cramps, weird food cravings, and facing difficulty finding the best and most comfortable sleeping position.

The first trimester is usually this phase and is more difficult because the body is still adapting to the changes and one of the main reasons why mothers-to-be suffer from pregnancy insomnia. 

4. Cramps

Once pregnant women face several issues that are often uncomfortable or painful – cramps are one of the things that pregnant women have to face.

Mothers-to-be have to be conscious that sometimes the last thing they will eat may lead to constipation or bloating – there will equally be fake contractions which are harmless to the baby.

Always look for birth and pregnancy products that can help to reduce the stress and the cramps as well.

Mothers-to-be should seek medical attention when the cramps are too painful and discomforting or if there is any sort of bleeding, no matter how little.  

5. Be less active than before

Pregnant women will tend to have big bellies and swollen feet which are not enjoyable for someone who wants to be physically active.

Mothers-to-be can walk but with each passing month, it becomes harder. But exercising even by walking during this period is essential because it leads to a quicker and safer delivery. 

6. Tender, swollen breasts

Some weeks after conception, hormonal changes which cause the breasts to become sensitive or sore is not of the major changes expectant mothers get to experience.

The discomfort may reduce weeks after when the body starts adjusting. 

7. Heartburn

Pregnancy hormones soothing the regulator between the stomach and esophagus can let stomach acid get into the esophagus, which can result in heartburn.

To avoid any heartburn, here is what can be done; eat small, regular meals, and limit the intake of fried foods; citrus fruits, chocolate, and spicy or fried foods. 

8. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are some of the physical changes some women will have especially for women, who are; obese, gained weight drastically during their pregnancy, or have hefty fetuses.

This may be as a result of collagen breakage, or the connective tissue that maintains the skin, in parts where the skin has had quick growth and has been extremely stretched. 

9. The pregnancy glow

Expectant mothers always have this pregnancy glow. This glowing complexion may come as a result of increased blood flow to the skin. Some women tend to have this glow while others can experience pigment changes. 

10. Your emotions

Pregnancy may leave the expectant mother with mixed feelings; it could be; thrilled, anxious, energized, and tired – sometimes all at once.

Even when excited about being pregnant, a baby will add emotional stress to your life.

It is normal to be disturbed when about having a new baby, adapting to parenting, the financial demands that also come with raising a child.

Mood swings and the struggle to balance work and career are equally part of the changes to expect. If the swings feel intense, then maybe seeing the doctor will be the best option.

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