Cannabis and Coronavirus

You may be familiar with the new approach people have on legalized cannabis. And it’s no wonder that the usage of cannabis for recreational purposes or for medicines is increasing.

You may also be familiar with the Coronavirus situation. Cannabis compounds such as CBD, especially CBD derived from hemp have a wide range of industrial usage. It is being used in all kinds of industries such as the textile industry, the food industry, and others.

This ‘magical compound’ is very beneficial for the well-being of our body and mind. It is also beneficial for animals, especially pets.

The amount of research done about cannabis compounds is massive, and it is continuing. But, what researchers are doing now is more interesting and important than meets the eye.

They are currently exploring if cannabis could help against COVID-19, to be precise. This terrible virus has spread all over the world and possible treatment or way of prevention would be welcomed by everyone.

A virus as frustrating as this one, that makes us stay home for 3 months now should have a vaccine, right? But, since there is no vaccine yet, researchers are not losing time.

In fact, they are looking at many options for possible treatment. One of those options that gained a lot of attention is exactly medical cannabis. The studies conducted so far show plenty of promise.

Can Cannabis Help with Covid-19 Infection?

Canadian scientists think that cannabis may prevent COVID-19 infection. After studying more than 400 varieties of cannabis, they think that the results are very promising. Their main focus was on finding a compound that helps lungs and intestines against the virus.

As expected, the compound that performed the best was CBD or cannabidiol. This compound is the second most active cannabinoid of cannabis plants and has a long list of benefits including properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer.

Researchers state that if a compound can reduce the virus receptors, the chance of getting infected is very low. And, these cannabis compounds did not disappoint. Some of them reduced the virus receptors for more than 70%.

To be more precise, these researchers monitored the ability of cannabis strains to regulate ACE2 levels which is an enzyme that is linked to COVID-19 infection. They identified that a lot of CBD extracts are able to change the ACE2 levels.

However, these promising results are not conclusive evidence and the research is continuing. These promising findings need to be peer-reviewed and confirm the ability of cannabis compounds to treat the virus. Their main challenge is finding the perfect combination of these cannabinoids and their ratio.

Should the combination have more CBD than THC or vice versa?

How is the solution going to be used?

These are the questions that they are working to answer and then present to the world.

Does using cannabis during the pandemic have risks?

By reading the statements above, one can’t help but think of increasing the dose of cannabis. Health authorities state that smoking more cannabis than usual during the pandemic may put users to a greater risk of infection, unfortunately.

When using cannabis for medical purposes there is a big chance that you also use other medicines. If this situation is similar to yours, you should consult with your doctor for more information.

Today, the doctors are familiar with cannabis compounds such as CBD and know a lot about the benefits and possible side-effects. And of course, they are also well-informed about COVID-19, as they are facing it every day for 3 months now.

One of the reasons for thinking twice about increasing the dose of cannabis is the lungs. COVID-19 attacks the lungs and could be a threat to those who smoke tobacco or any Cannabis Sativa strain such as hemp and marijuana.

Those who vape should also be careful. In conclusion, we recommend you analyze the feedback from other people and ask your doctor for more details to avoid risks.

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Josh Noble is a nutrition writer who has worked with brands like Healthline, Fenocan & Fitonomy. Now he is a Content Crafter at GreenPassion. He loves writing about natural health remedies and Holistic Medicine.

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