Adjustable Beds

Sleep should be restorative and leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated however if you have trouble sleeping due to a health condition, injury, or illness, this can be a difficult task.

Many are choosing adjustable beds over traditional versions due to the copious number of benefits they offer. If you are considering one for yourself, you may have some questions.

In this post, we endeavor to answer 6 of the most common questions we get asked about adjustable beds here at Beds Electric.

What are the benefits of choosing an adjustable bed over a traditional bed?

There are many benefits to choosing an adjustable bed over a traditional one, and the main one is that you can customize your sleep and adjust the bed to find the perfect level of comfort for your body and sleep needs.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting an adjustable bed, some just want to enhance the level of comfort they have when in bed, whereas others have medical conditions or chronic pain, and an adjustable bed can help them to manage it.

Here are some of the health benefits you can reap from being able to adjust your bed:

  1. Improve circulation by placing the body into a zero-gravity position which entails elevating the upper part of the body and the legs. This will force blood to the heart and then the extremities as a result.
  2. Those who have limited mobility may struggle to reposition in a normal bed. An adjustable bed allows users to move freely and reposition to fall back to sleep more easily.
  3. Reflux and sleep apnoea are common health conditions that can affect sleep. Being able to position the head and neck in an upright position can reduce the symptoms of these two conditions drastically.
  4. Alleviate pain. Many suffer from pain, whether it is chronic or acute, and an adjustable bed can help to ease discomfort in pressure areas.

Can I use my existing mattress with an adjustable bed base?

It will depend. If you have a regular spring mattress, then the answer is probably no. The mattress needs to conform and move as the lower level does and the best type of mattress for this is a latex, memory foam, or gel mattress.

If you have one of these mattress types, then most certainly you should be able to use your existing mattress on your new adjustable bed base.

Are adjustable beds expensive?

You’ll find that most adjustable beds are priced higher than your normal beds, and this is because they are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment that drastically overhaul the way you sleep.

They are an investment although, one that is well worth every cent when you regain some normalcy in your sleep routine, and your overall well-being is benefited greatly as well.

Limited or lack of sleep can impact every aspect of your life, and it can have a detrimental effect on one’s physical, emotional, and physical state.

An adjustable bed can be transformational and means you don’t have to suffer from excessive discomfort or pain for a moment longer.

What positions can an adjustable bed be moved into?

An adjustable bed can be moved into many different positions. Some of the more common positions include elevating the head, knees, and feet.

To give you an idea of the elevation level that can be obtained, for the feet, it’s around 45 degrees, and the upper body is approximately 75 degrees. You can adjust it until you find the ideal elevation or depth.

All position capabilities will be clear to recognize on your remote. You simply press the button which moves the area you want to change.

Is it easy to use an adjustable bed?

Yes! Most adjustable electric beds come with a remote that is attached to the bed framing, so you do not have to worry about dropping it in the middle of the night and not being able to reach it.

They feature a series of buttons that have diagrams or arrows on them indicating which way the bed will go if you press it. The longer you press the button, the further it will move in this direction.

Taking your finger off the bottom will stop the motion where you are currently. Our friendly team will walk you through the logistics of working your adjustable to ensure you have a full understanding of how it works once it comes to your home.

Do adjustable beds come in other sizes, or single only?

Adjustable beds come in a variety of sizes and range from a single right up to a king.

So, if you sleep with a partner, you can both benefit from an adjustable bed if you choose, rather than having two separate beds.

Ready to sleep better?

If you have trouble sleeping, know that you are not alone! It’s a common issue however, it can be assisted with the help of an adjustable bed.

Here at Beds Electric, we believe a deep and restful night’s sleep shouldn’t be unattainable. We have a generous selection of adjustable beds on offer, and we would love to help you find the perfect one for you, that transforms your sleep from what it is now to a lifetime of deep and peaceful shut-eye.

Contact us today for more information or check out our collection online.

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