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The weather outside is pretty cold already if you haven’t noticed yet. Not “water freezing midair cold,” but not “those weird guys still wearing shorts in freezing weather” cold. But regardless, the chilly season is almost here, people have already begun decorating their houses, dressing festively and making huge lists of holiday shopping.

But even in this cold weather, there is one treatment in beauty clinics that are still being utilized despite it being a tiny bit chillier than all the rest. And it’s the perfect season for it too since it’s a treatment that can chisel your body of any excess fat in a very short amount of time. You’ve probably heard about Coolsculpting NYC and other big cities around the country being epicenters of skincare clinics.

And it’s great that this treatment is now at the forefront of the beauty industry and is being offered in clinics not only in big cities in the US but all across the world. But what does it do and how does it work?

What’s in a Name?

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that the name “Coolsculpting” is very close to the actual procedure itself. They didn’t just call it that because it sounded cool. The procedure literally involves chiseling the body in various areas, using the amazing power of cold.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having body fat. It’s absolutely natural and you need it very much. That’s where you store your energy. So having a little, a tiny bit more than you shouldn’t isn’t really a problem. The problem is when it starts to bother you both mentally and physically. Mentally, because not everyone is confident enough to look at their body fat with pride. And physically because excessive body fat in certain areas of the body can actually be bothersome and cause skin irritation, such as on the inner thigh.

And sure, naturally, doing proper exercise, eating healthy and knowing what kind of nutrients are entering your body are all great ways to lose that fat. But sometimes, this just isn’t possible in practice, whether it is from a lack of time or the current conditions that you’re living in. So, for those little busy-bugs in our world, Coolsculpting comes to the rescue.

What Does it Actually Do Though?

If you are to understand that, first of all, we need to understand a certain weakness that fat cells have. When coming in touch with a certain cold temperature, fat cells commit what is essentially self-destruction. Once they’re destroyed, they lay there dormant, until the body’s natural processes clean and rinse them out of the body. And you want to know the best part about this? They never return.

Well, they don’t return if you actually change your food intake and exercise routine. Obviously, if you go back to fighting through a pack of chips every evening, you’re going to lose all that progress.

But it really is as simple as that; a little cold and fat cells no more.

But What Does the Actual Procedure Do?

Normally when someone asks so many questions about the same thing, it’s either because they’re super excited or super nervous about something. In the case of both, you’re going to be somewhat disappointed. No, it doesn’t involve extremely low temperatures, where you have to travel to a distant island in the Arctic Ocean, the only place on the planet where you can find temperatures low enough for a Coolsculpting treatment.

Do you want to know the temperature used is Coolsculpting? Around 4 degrees Celsius (39-40 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s it. Sure, initially it might seem a little cold, but after a few minutes, your body just naturally gets used to it. Who knows, it might even be really pleasant.

What actually happens is the clinic puts these special vacuums on various parts of the body (or just one) and these vacuums start pumping cold air. They stay on your body for around half an hour, long enough for the fat cells to get that sweet, sweet coldness. Once it’s done, the fat cells’ self destruct sequence is activated and all that’s left is to wait.

Now do keep in mind that the body doesn’t just immediately shake off the fat cells. This takes time. Expect to see a slow, but noticeable difference within several weeks. Since the process of the procedure is purely natural, you can’t expect things to go by very fast.

But before you know it, a little time passes, you look in the mirror and suddenly, those annoying areas of fat have somehow straightened out and you have a great chiseled body, without having to go through weeks of non-stop exercise and strict dieting.

So, that’s pretty much the biggest reason why clients love Coolsculpting NYC, LA, and other big cities especially. It requires very little hassle, no pre-procedure getting ready and no post-procedure maintenance, and it does its job with very little fuss.

In Time for the Holidays

So if you’ve filled yourself up with too much turkey and Halloween candy this Autumn season, and you’re worried you won’t have the time to sweat it all out with vigorous exercising, then do see if nearby clinics are offering Coolsculpting.

And right in time for the holidays too, as you’ll be greeting your friends and loved ones into your home. You probably want to look as perfect in your own eyes as possible. Coolsculpting just happens to be one of the easiest and simplest, but most importantly, most efficient treatments in the beauty industry and it’s been helping many people across the world.

Remember; no cuts, no injections, just half an hour of sitting in a chair or lying down, as the vacuums do their work and you enjoy yourself by taking a little nap, reading or watching TV. There’s really nothing better right now than trying out Coolsculpting for yourself.

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