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When the end of the year begins to peek, it is common to hear how people complain about their lack of energy and begin to fantasize that a holiday or some extra superfood can supplement that lack and help “recharge batteries”.

And, while it is true that any stress-releasing action will add well-being, or that this reluctance may be related to the deficit of a special nutrient, it is not good to skip the steps.

This means that there is something precious and very important to do if what is desired is to increase the vitality, and this is to learn to “subtilize” (relieve) as much as possible the physical body.

And the question is always how to do it? And the first step is to reprogram the mind, change an idea and then finally take action on it.

To change an idea is to stop thinking that the body always lacks something when, in truth, it is most likely to be leftover.

Not only are we overfed, but we are malnourished. Ingesting poor quality food (refined, processed) and high toxic load (food of animal origin, gluten) constantly (there are at least 5 to 6 intakes that people make daily, every day) leaving some waste that, as the body detoxifying organs (intestines, kidneys, liver) are worn away, they are retained causing discomfort (alteration of the microbiota and acidification of the medium, among others)

Being that way, it will be extremely important that the way of thinking about what it is to take care of our body and achieve health in 2019 change and install an updated, improved thinking: “to achieve more vitality, the first step is to help the body detoxify and that the depurative organs work better and better” Once you understand and internalize these types of statements, then the next step will be to act, for example, by incorporating detox.

Any action that leads the body towards the elimination of toxins and restoration of the internal microbiota (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) will be very welcome, and this starts with adequate rest to the digestive system so that with its own internal resources it clean, repair and revitalize.

The digestive rest existed in all the times and they have been practices used by all the religions in their different shades.

Unfortunately for about 40-50 years to the date that the idea of conscious health has been distorted to such an extent that little is said about it today. But it is time to make a return to nature and return to resources as wise and powerful as “the Detox days”. (See also: 6 Amazing Foods for You to Detox and Cleanse Your Body)

There are different options that you can practice once a week, and I am going to tell you about the ones I recommend most:

Beginner level: Practice the “inter-digestive fast”! If you have never made digestive breaks take the first step just ordering your intake to such an extent that they can stay at least 4 hours between them, for example: have breakfast at 8 am lunch at 12 pm, snack at 4 pm and dinner at the 20hs.

Then, you will have 12 hours of overnight fasting. This is a good start! Between hours you can drink noble infusions (*), but nothing solid. Try three weeks of order in your intakes, and go to the next level.

Medium level: Practice the “mono-fruit diet”! If you have already ordered your intakes and no longer peck between meals, make a weekly purification only with fruits.

In order to carry it out correctly, it is advisable not to mix them but to make them with only one type of fruit per intake, for example, breakfast with apples; lunch with watermelon; snack with peaches; dinner with melon.

You can drink noble liquids (*) on demand during the day, but do not force yourself to do so since all day consuming fruits you will be very well hydrated.

Advanced: Practice the “fast-24”! The technique is really very simple since it consists of performing 24 hours of fasting with only noble liquids (*).

(*) Noble infusions I call the following: water, home-made vegetable broth, infusions (or mates) of digestive herbs-colagogas, homemade detox lemonade (in a liter of water place the juice of 1 lemon squeezed and 1 teaspoon size coffee of baking soda, mix and drink during the day).


The most important challenge of these practices is to work the decision with the mind: “the mind must be able to control the caprice of the body for 24 hours”. That would be the message.

If you are very tired, discouraged, you feel devitalized; then your organs are too. Facilitate the magnificent task performed by each of them and let them, at least once a week, recover even more. Come on, come on, come on! Your body, mind, and emotions will thank you!

A human body is not programmed to react on every substance you introduce in your body as a remedy to various conditions. Similarly, it is not necessary that the above tips would deliver results.

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