Most of us absolutely dread cleaning and would rather not think about it too much either. However, here are some things you should know about how you clean your house and some tips that will help you lessen the load in your chores.

  1. The garbage bin is not the dirtiest area of the house

The back of the toilet, the bathtub, your kitchen sponge, and the kitchen drain are all dirtier than the garbage bin.

The back of the toilet has leftover residues of urine and fecal matter that builds up when you forego cleaning it or perhaps didn’t because the toilet boil looks spotless. You may think that it is unbelievable for the tub or the shower to be in this category but soap scum and grime also gradually accumulates when the bathroom is not cleaned.

You may want to close the lid of the toilet bowl when flushing to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria, as the bacteria in the toilet bowl are already bad ones, to begin with.

Your sponge may be the cleaner of your plates and utensils but the little bits of food stuck on the holes faster, and it becomes a nice medium of growth for bacteria especially that it is always moist. The sponge can be cleaned if you put it in a dishwasher or you can pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds to remove any bacteria, but remember to wait a minute or two before pulling it out lest you’ll get burned.

  1. Branded household products take up a big part of your budget

Up to 30% of Americans’ budget is spent on branded household products. You may not notice it, but it takes up most of your costs. However, in order reduce your costs, there are store brands that are just as effective as any other cleaning brands out there. Compare the difference between the two brands and look for the ingredients used, if it was mostly the same, chances are the store brand product would also yield the same or similar result. There’s no harm in trying something new.

  1. Buy multipurpose cleaning products

These days, we see a variety of different cleaners for different cleaning purposes. Yes, there’s a product for washing the dishes, for cleaning the floor, and for cleaning the toilet but there are also multi-purpose products that you can use to help you save your budget and space. You’ll be amazed at how one product can be used for most of the cleaning in the house. Of course, you should be careful where to store them.

  1. Women who clean have longer life expectancy than men who also clean

Men were found to spend an average of only one hour and 25 minutes on household chores while women spend an average of two hours and fifteen minutes. If you are wondering whether there’s even a difference in which sex cleans more, yes there is and it is the women who clean more than men. With the estimated number of hours, they spend on cleaning, women who clean are expected to live up to their 81.2 years while men are only expected to live up to 73.6 years.

  1. Cleaning helps in losing weight or staying fit

When you clean, you move a lot. You exert force when mopping the floor, or when lifting objects to arrange them. This may not be as extensive as the ones you do when you go to the gym, but you burn calories when you are cleaning. There’s even an equivalent amount of calories burned whenever you perform a specific household chore!


There are advantages in cleaning your home and living in a healthy and clean space. Also, getting your body in shape without the need to sign up for sessions in the gym is an added bonus. Despite how mundane cleaning is, these are some interesting facts about cleaning that you may have overlooked in the past.

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