Exercises at home

No doubt, exercising is one of the best ways for people to get fit. A lot of people like to get fit because it provides a feeling of physical and mental well-being for them. A lot of people also go to the gym to enhance their performance in a discipline or sport. Average people want to attain similar abilities from the elites such as Lebron James and Russell Westbrook.

However, a lot of individuals cannot afford to go the gym or simply don’t have time to do some workout. Some people find it frustrating because they are helpless because of their schedules with work and home. Some people retire to the fact that they don’t get to work out. This realization starts an alarming trend.

The rising numbers for obesity are steadily rising, and it doesn’t get much better from there. An increase in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are also prevalent in much younger age groups never seen before. People as young as 16 to 24 years old already have signs and symptoms of diabetes.

What people realize is that these conditions are lifestyle based and entirely preventable. Being busy is not a reason for missing out on exercise and diet.

In fact, working out in a gym can be done in the comfort of your very home. Everyday items such as a chair, a hall table, a book, and even a bucket of water can all have the same effectiveness the same as that expensive gym equipment.

If you notice that you’ve been doing a lot and still not getting any results, assess yourself for anything that may bother you. Consult a doctor if you feel any recurring pain you might experience. It helps to know what and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. If all else points to positive findings, then it’s safe to say that you might need another exercise routine.

Before proceeding, people should always take note that not all the people are the same when it comes to exercise and physical limits. Everyone goes at their pace. A routine may work for most people, while the same routine can be less efficient in some individuals.

Here are some exercises that you can safely do at home.

Step up, Step down

Step up, Step down

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Your calves, quads, and hamstrings will totally benefit from this simple exercise. It’s also a good way to expand your cardio. All you need is a staircase. In fact, you might be going up and down the stairs for some time now. With some repetitions, you’ll be on your way to total health and fitness.

Chair Push-ups

To do this exercise, lean a chair against the wall for it to be secure. Put both your hands on the seat and proceed to do slow push ups, again adjusting to your preferred pacing. Another way to do it is by leaning back on the chair, with both of your arms still touching against the seat.

Seated Crunches

Seated Crunches

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/action-active-activity-adult-348489/

Doing this technique requires a sturdy stool and a wall to prevent it from tipping over. Sit down on the chair and put both of your hands on the handles or the seat. Slowly elevate your knees towards your chin. Again, it is important to do this at your pace.

This exercise is a good way to develop your abdominal muscles. If you’re using a chair without handles, then you can add variations to the routine by twisting your legs to the other side of your body.



Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-athlete-body-exercise-176782/

Pull out a mat or blanket on the floor. Get into a pushup position and slowly bend your elbows to a 90° angle and rest all your weight on your forearms. You should form a straight line from your head to both of your feet. The ideal time to hold this position is about 2 minutes. If you can, keep it for much longer, the better.


Hectic schedules and busy routines do not qualify as an excuse for missing out on a healthy lifestyle. An alarming trend that a lot of people should be aware of is that there is a steady rise in lifestyle-related ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

One must know that lifestyle modification and diet is the most efficient way to rid a person of such diseases. Also, exercises are good ways to increase overall performance. It also keeps a person physically and mentally balanced.

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Javier Olivo is a writer and an interior designer by heart. He loves to focus on furniture and other household materials that can be aesthetically pleasing for a home. Javier is a known gym rat and is known to give out friendly advice to people who want to work out.


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