Filtered Water

The water filter system has, over time, evolved to such a point where there is a wide variety of options for water filtration.

You can choose different types of water filtration systems from the kitchen, bath, and shower to the entire home.

Nonetheless, inline water filters for homes are an excellent system that attaches to the cold water line and passes water through the tap.

However, you can buy other types of water filters to benefit from filtered water.

Is filtered water different from purified water?

From a technical perspective, filtered water can be strained through activated carbon filters, a mesh sieve, or other filters.

Purified water has undergone filtration through distillation, reverse osmosis, and nanotechnology to remove bacterial, physical, and chemical contaminants.

Technically, filtered water could be water that has been physically strained through a mesh sieve, activated carbon filter, or something else.

However, no water filter can remove 100% of contaminants. Most filtered water in the market has been labeled as purified.

Know about filtered water and filtration methods-

  • Activated carbon filters – Activated carbons are present in pitcher-type filters to trap contaminants in the filter.
  • Ion exchange – It is another method for making the water softer by removing some minerals.
  • RO –  Reverse Osmosis removes viruses, bacteria, and other chemical contaminants.
  • Distillation – In the distillation process, contaminants remain trapped in a container.

You can also buy a specially designed water purifier for the fridge.

Health benefits of drinking filtered water

Better digestion – Water with a considerable mineral content boosts your digestion. When you drink filtered water, nutrients and minerals reach different body parts.

Thus, your body will receive nutrients, and you will feel better.

  • Promote weight loss

If you try to reduce your body weight, you should drink more water. It will also increase your resting energy by more than 24%.

According to scientific research, drinking water has the potential to reduce your appetite.

  • Improve your skin health

Drinking filtered water enables you to make your skin clear and healthy. It will hydrate your skin and remove toxins from your body.

So, you need to include filtered water in your skincare routine. As it does not contain chlorine, you will have healthier skin and hair.

  • Prepares better tea

A cup of tea tastes best if you have used filtered water for it. Hard water with lime scale is not the right choice for preparing tea.

Other foods also taste delicious when cooked with filtered water. Chlorine and other heavy metals absorb natural flavor. That is why you should use pure water for cooking purposes.

Choose the best water filter and get a range of advantages

Inline filters are one of the most popular water filters in recent times. They come with several benefits that make them the best!

What is an inline water filter?

An inline water filter becomes a part of the cold water supply line to filter out contaminants from water.

At home, this gets attached to the water supply serving the main cold water through the tap in the kitchen.

The system works effectively to filter impurities present in the water before it reaches the tap.

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Benefits of an inline water filter system

Inline filters are highly efficient in filtering drinking water at home. Its compact design is ideal for fitting under the sink and saving the kitchen surface space.

Moreover, they always remain in operation, so you don’t have to spend time emptying the containers or acting to activate the water filter.

  • No-fuss filters

Inline water filters for home are truly ideal for your home as they work with the existing tap in the kitchen. Hence, inline filters cut off the cost of a new tap purchase.

  • High-durability

Inline filters purposely use a manufacturing process that makes them more durable. Therefore, homeowners don’t have to replace them very often.

  • Easy Installation

Designed specifically for do-it-yourself, inline water filters take just 5 minutes to install.

The process is easy when you follow the color-coded tubing label. Plus, there are all the essential hardware and fittings to complete the process smoothly.

  • Eco-friendly

Since inline filters provide crystal clear drinking water at the fingertips, there is no need to buy plastic bottled drinking water. As a result, an inline water filter reduces the wastage of plastic bottles.

  • Versatile

Inline filters are versatile water filters that come with multiple applications. It is perfectly suitable for use as a fridge filter, water cooler, ice maker, motor home, caravan water filter, boat, and more.

  • Filtration

Not only that inline water filters usually possess a mix of ceramic filter spheres and granulated activated carbon. Both these increase the efficiency of elimination of different types of contaminants like chlorine, solvents, etc.


Overall, inline filters are an appliance worth an investment. The credit goes to their high efficiency, durability, filtration capabilities, versatility, and eco-friendly features.

About The Author:

Marvin Salganov has been involved in the water filtration industry for 20 years. He is an innovative business leader and residential water filter inventor.

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