Improve Intimacy With Your Partner

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When your relationship is fresh and new, it always seems like you cannot take your eyes and hands off the other person. But gradually, you will start to feel the boredom creeping in. You no longer want to be physically intimate with your lover, and it can be a terrifying experience.

In our article today, we will look through five simple ways to bring the fire back into your relationship. (See also: How to Reignite the Romance in Your Relationship)

Ways to improve intimacy with your significant other

1. Exercise

Physical exertion increases blood flow to the ether area, thus making it more sensitive to skinship. Furthermore, frequent exercises also help to strengthen the muscles, which gives you the foundation to perform advanced sex positions.

Studies even show that people who exercise regularly tend to feel more confident towards their own bodies, so they are more likely to master their desires. Let’s hit the gym, everyone!

2. Take supplements

One of the easiest ways to take care of your sexual health is to use supplements. If you are a woman, try drinking the Provestra and see how your body can benefit from herbs and natural extracts (you can check out the reviews of Provestra beforehand). If you are a man, we recommend that you have a look at Oyster Plus.

Adjusting your diet can have a significant impact on your sexual needs. Besides taking supplements, make sure you eat foods to increase libido and avoid drinking alcohol frequently.

3. Talk dirty

Text a sensual massage to your significant other and see how they react is one of the things you must do to fuel up your sex life. When they do not get to see you in person, the way you describe your pent up sexual needs, or how much you crave for their touch, will drive them crazy.

When you are comfortable with texting dirty, upgrade the game with sex calls. Give your partner a surprise call and go into details about how your body is getting wet just thinking about the next time you share your bed together.

4. Give massages

Not only is giving/receiving sensual massages a therapeutic experience, but it is also a relaxing way for couples to get their bodies synced. The person giving massages can experiment with different touching methods, while the person receiving can slowly increase their body’s sensitivity under being touched.

5. Go for a late-night walk

A late-night walk – far away from the hustle and bustle of the city – can give you and your partner some time to reflect on the relationship together. Also, when your vision is limited by the darkness, other senses will be heightened, and even a light hand-holding from your significant other can send a shiver through your spine.

Final thought

In a romantic relationship, there is more to just sex. But if you are sexually incompatible, things will be much more difficult. So make sure both of you work on improving the intimacy, and embrace your sexiness together!

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