● Lack of education: helping children getting free schools and telling the father talks to school is very important for their children and they should do what they can to the finish, and if you do not have the financial resources, Busing any scholarship or the government can provide.

● Sexual abuse: giving vouchers to parents and health talks with children, who do not give excuses for them to do something with them (with their clothing, etc.) Have much confidence to people who leave their children and report what happened.

● Malnutrition: giving food vouchers to people in need, campaigning for donation of food to the places that need it, so people can help those who need food, you can also put some kind of trade in which this food more accessible to low-income people.

● Abuse moral: go to schools to give talks to the children understand that this is common and should not occur, make conference inviting parents to explain about this abuse and how to prevent it or how to tell when your child suffers .

● Exploitation: putting a penalty on parents who use their children for their charity, either by putting them to work on the streets or in any business.

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