For a man, testosterone is key to driving your strength, physique, and libido but as men age, their testosterone levels begin to fall. In fact, after age 30 the average man loses about 1% each year.

Here are 5 Natural Testosterone Boosters you should take each day to help maximize your T.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Proven to boost T levels by as much as 17.4%

2. ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, B6) – This super combination has been shown to increase testosterone by an incredible 24%

3. Ashwagandha Root – In a scientific study this root increased 1 rep bench press by an astounding 43.2 pounds!

4. Boron Citrate – Not only does Boron have incredible testosterone boosting capabilities (28% in a recent study) but it also lowers estrogen levels by as much as 39%

5. Longjack Root also known as Tongkat Ali – This ancient medicinal herb increased testosterone an almost unbelievable 37%


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