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You have become the mother of a newborn a month or a few weeks ago. And now your maternity leave has come to an end. All these time you were happy being at home with your baby and the working life was like a memory. But now when this comes to the end you find it impossible to wake up at 6 a.m. after whole night baby pampering. As well as you are feeling guilty to leave your infant to someone else’s care.

Thinking how will you manage to leave your baby at home? Here are 10 amazing tips for you to make this time easy for you. So stay here with us and have something which will help you to reduce the stress heading back to work!

10 tips to deal with going back to work

The best 10 tips I am going to discuss here-

1. Choosing care carefully:

Back to your work will be easier when you know your baby is under proper hand or care. If it is daycare, ask the authority if you can visit there before going back. Keep in mind that the environment should be good. And if you prefer a babysitter then she should be experienced and good. You can also provide her some toys and gears for baby’s entertainment like baby dolls, puppets, nesting toys, push and pull toys, baby walker, activity center, etc. (See also: Should You Buy A Baby Walker For Your Baby?)

2. Doing dry runs:

You are not at work for a long time than waking up early this time may be tough. Because now at night you need to take care of your baby and sleep is not proper. And extra works you need to do like baby feeding, dressing it up, etc. Start practicing before 1 week to wake up early, getting ready both you and baby, getting out of the home.

3. Starting back slowly:

At the first week after the maternity leave at your work, you may take part-time to get adjust and use to the apart of you and your baby. It will also let you sort out your schedule.

4. Asking for the update:

Leaving your baby is the hardest part and to recover it you can ask the daycare to send the pictures of your baby. Also can ask what your baby do throughout the day. Along with text, you can also call them to know the condition. As a mother, this is your right.

5. Pumping talk:

Before return to work have a talk with your boss regarding the feeding of the baby. Discuss with him or her about pumping and know how he or she supports it. Again they can arrange a private space for baby feeding. Most of the working places have the consideration of it and arrangement.

6. Look good, feel good:

Don’t try your pre-pregnancy clothes as those won’t fit you. It may take 9 months to get back to the previous condition. So better keep on some new clothes which will suit you at your workplace and your personality. Be patient until your body gets to the pre-pregnancy condition. The clothes you are taking have to be comfortable. To revive your confidence can have a new haircut!

7. Practice saying No:

After giving birth to a baby, the daily works of yours have increased more as you need to fix a considerable time for the baby. When you back to work there will be as much work as before and may have so many calls and clients. You need to say no at work with few tricks as you cannot perform all of those when now you have a great responsibility as a mother.

8. Plan ahead:

Use the nighttime efficiently. At early morning doing all the work may be tough so choose your cloth for next day, prepare lunch box, pack the baby bag. Doing these when the baby is at sleep will be good. It can reduce the morning rush. (See also: The 5 Best Solid Foods To Feed To Your Baby)

9. Get a bottle for baby:

Start giving the baby a bottle of milk. If it rejects to drink from you then try it by its father or someone else. When rejecting step away from giving the bottle for some time. And after some moments try again. Continue offering the bottle until your baby likes it. It’s necessary because when you are at work the baby need to be feed, then bottle feeding is necessary.

10. Erase the guilt:

Working back even after having a baby may arise the feeling that you are a bad mommy. But it’s totally absurd. Because nowadays most of the mothers work outside the home. You are taking care of your baby, staying in touch when at work make you the best parent. So don’t let it come to your mind even for a second.

Final verdict

It may seem hard and tough to get back to work after having a baby. But when you can organize all of your works and maintain a routine this thing has become less tough. Yes, leaving a newborn is not easy. If you follow the tips above, it will be less stressful and you will have less tension as well.

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