The importance of quality air conditioning

As heatwaves strike much of the globe, the dangers of warm conditions have become even more apparent. The likes of dehydration, overheating, and sunstroke is serious risks to the entire family, giving even more reason to properly prepare one’s home for the warm weather.

A quality air conditioning unit is one of the more effective measures to take when wanting to keep the family safe from the risk of high temperatures. By reducing the heat, a quality AC unit can prevent dehydration, especially for people that are higher risk such as that elderly or young children.

Furthermore, good AC helps the body to better regulate its temperature, which is often difficult when it is too warm. By using AC, the body has a much better chance of avoiding heatstroke, one of which is one the biggest dangers a family faces during warm weather.

Better still, AC helps to improve the overall air quality of a space. By circulating and then filtering the air in a room, AC removes various pollutants from the air, including pollen and mold that could have an adverse effect on someone’s health.

Air Conditioning is more popular than ever

Given the important role air conditioning plays in keeping families comfortable and safe during hot weather, it’s little surprise that air conditioning units are more popular than ever in the United States.

For example, a survey conducted in 2009 found that 87% of US homes had air conditioning, a massive increase from the 68% of homes that had AC in 1993.

Nationwide costs of air conditioning have reached an incredible $29 billion, while AC is more common in US households than a garage, dishwasher or dining room!

Keeping air conditioning costs down

Of course, the costs of running air conditioning often becomes expensive, especially during the summer, and some families struggle to pay these bills, which only increases the dangers they face during warm weather.

However, it’s possible to use quality air conditioning without breaking the bank. For instance, a cheap portable AC unit can be purchased to use at home, letting you move it from room to room depending on your needs.

Regularly servicing your air conditioning is also a great way to save money, as it generally extends the lifespan of the AC by several years. For example, a survey conducted found that of the 42% of homeowners that had their AC professionally serviced, 40% reported a longer lasting AC unit.

This saves a lot of money replacing the AC unit, which is one of the biggest expenses of using a quality air conditioning system.

Another effective way to keep costs down is to install a programmable thermostat. By better regulating the heat in your home, you could save as much as $180 on air conditioning!

For more information about air conditioning, check out the infographic below for 10 facts and statistics!


10 Essentials Air Conditioning Facts and Statistics

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