Extreme Sports are not as inaccessible as you would think. However, for those who want to be more in know about stats and info on extreme sports can check out this infographic about the psychology of extreme sports created by Extreme Sports Land, which reveals all you need to know about extreme sports in a nutshell.

Did you know that women are more susceptible to sports injuries than men? This won’t stop the ladies from kicking butt in any sport though.

For those of you who thought that Extreme sports were only for the more experienced or the foolhardy, think again. Studies reveal that although one out of every 20 kids tries out some form of Extreme Sports, there are many adults that are athletes in this field as well.

To pop the bubble on the world of extreme sports – it has become the new normal and if you’re game to try out a new sport, just do your research, prepare for it mentally and physically, train your body and then go for it!

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