Gym Mirrors That Suit Your Requirements

There is something about a mirror at the gym that makes working out more fun. Having the opportunity to see yourself in motion, flexing your muscles, moving the weights up and down, or running on the treadmill.

There is satisfaction in witnessing the productivity of your session by seeing the results first-hand before, during, and after your sessions.

But before we get to the types of gym mirrors, let us look at the factors that will affect the kind of mirror you should get for your gym.

Factors to consider before picking a gym mirror

Factors to consider before picking a gym mirror

1. The function of the workout space

Not all gyms are the same; some are more active than others depending on the type of training taking place there.

For instance, there are jam-packed gym spaces that entail constant movements such as dancing, squash playing, boxing, so on, and so forth.

Other exercises like yoga spaces and treadmill running do involve movement but in a controlled manner. For that reason, the mirror you choose must match the type of training.

The function of the workout space

2. The size of the gym

The size of the gym is also a factor that will dictate what kind and size of mirror to get.

If your gym is big and requires many mirrors on different sections, you need to do research and install mirrors that fit each section best. It might be costly, but it’s better to do a great job of installation to save you money later on.

The size of the gym

3. The number of walls in the gym

The number of partitions that you need to install mirrors is also a major contributing factor.

It may seem like a good idea to have mirrors on all walls, but it may sometimes not be practical.

For that reason, you should consider placing mirrors on the walls that the gymnasts are mostly facing. Although for dance, yoga, and ballet studios, all-round mirrors are ideal.

The number of walls in the gym

Gym owners then need them to step up and get the best mirrors in the market to install in their studios.

Luckily today, there is a multitude of mirrors to choose from aligned to the type of studio available. And below are some of those mirrors available in the market.

  • Normal glass mirrors

One place to start from is the installation of ordinary glass mirrors that come cut in different widths and heights and can fit on any surface.

They are ideally the kind found on most gym walls and do serve the owner for a long time if well maintained. Typical mirrors are ideal for sections of the gym that are used for aerobics, yoga, dancing, or treadmill running.

But are likely to be broken on contact when they are hit by a piece of heavy equipment like a weight or a ball. For that reason, they are not the best on the weights section or in squash, tennis, or baseball indoor court.

  • HD exercise mirrors

High definition TVs are wondrous, now imagine having to see yourself under the same resolution, fantastic, right?

The more explicit view of the vivid colors of your workout clothes through the exercise mirror will have your conditioning even more motivated and excited.

HD gym mirror is best for dance studios, where one needs a more unobstructed view and sharper imaging of their moves such that when you execute that sharp hip hop movement, the student at the back of the pack can clearly see and grasp it as fast as the person at the front.

HD exercise mirrors

These HD workout mirrors are easy to clean and are scratch-resistant such that they are less prone to scratches, which means that they will serve the owner a longer usage before replacements.

HD exercise mirrors are also tint-resistant, meaning they do not turn greenish or ashy with time.

  • Glassless workout mirrors

Glassless mirrors are the best mirrors when it comes to the workout spaces that have a lot of movement of either falling objects or people.

They are the best gym mirrors for wrestling training, boxing training arenas, dance studios, weight-lifting gyms, martial arts gyms, and yoga studios.

The best thing about these gym mirrors is that they do not shatter on contact, and even if they break, they do not fragment into a million pieces that pose as a cutting hazard. They instead crack and remain on the surface.

Glassless workout mirrors

Glassless workout mirrors are very lightweight and are easy to install and fit any surface; concrete, wood, or cardboard. As long as the surface can support the mirror, you are good to go. You will have fewer breakages and replacements when you use this type of mirror as your gym mirrors.


As a gym owner, you need to get the best for your business keeping in mind practicability and the overall cost of installation, repair, and future placements and most importantly, the safety of your clients.

One great thing the mirrors do for your space is that they make your gym look cleaner, bigger and the lighting is quite a spectacle. So get the best.

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