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Having a child is one of the greatest experiences that a woman can have. Many regard it as a defining right-of-passage. But regardless of if you see it like this or if you don’t bring another person into the world is a wonderful experience. But it can and does take its toll on the body. Once the whole process is over and the breastfeeding is eventually complete many women say they feel like their body is no longer theirs. So many parts have been used and stretched and are, somewhat inevitably, not the same as they were before the whole child birthing procedure started – which is where many women turn to cosmetic surgeons, as they try to restore themselves to their former glory. Here are a few things that you might want to have altered surgically once your child carrying days are over.

1. Work the breasts

Almost always the first area that gets sorted when the mummy makeover starts is the breasts. These take a beating regardless of if you breastfeed or not. Obviously the longer you breastfeed for the more of a pounding the boobs will take. This is not to say for a minute that breastfeeding is bad, it is, in fact, one of the greatest gifts that a mother can give her child. But it does come at a cost and the result is often saggy or pendulous breasts. This is a situation that can be easily remedied with a bit of surgery. And the nice thing is you can use this as an excuse to finally get the breasts that you want. Firmed up and perhaps with some implants, you will feel like a whole new you.

2. The tummy area

Aside from the breasts, the other area that obviously takes major strain during pregnancy is the stomach area. At nine months pregnant all women are looking large and stretched. And while a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing, she often struggles with getting her belly back into its former shape once the whole pregnancy is done and dusted. Many women spend hours going to the gym and trying to tone the belly, often to no avail. It is here where a simple tummy-tuck procedure can bring so much relief and happiness. There is no shame in having the procedure – so often a woman won’t think twice about having a Caesarean to get the baby out, but she will balk at the idea at having post-delivery surgery to help return her to her former glory (or the shape that she aspired to be in even before she was pregnant).

3. Liposuction

When carrying a baby, you typically eat for two. The result is that you put on weight all over the place. The obviously affected areas are the breasts and the abdomen, but weight is added to all sorts of other places as well. This can include the face, thighs, arms, and calves. In short, it can be almost anywhere, and this excess weight can be hard to get rid of once the baby has arrived. As part of your mommy makeover, it is perfectly okay to have excess weight liposuction away. If there are areas that you are feeling uncomfortable with the post the pregnancy, let your doctor know and he will sort you out.

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