Symptoms of High Cholesterol

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Cholesterol is actually a substance which each body needs to rebuild the cells and also to make some hormones and is carried through the bloodstream in the entire body. The fact is that your body requires just a small amount of cholesterol and when this quantity increases in your blood, you are diagnosed with the high cholesterol. Not to worry as it is a very common condition as cholesterol levels generally rise up with age but should be treated on time as it increases the risk of heart diseases, peripheral vascular diseases as well as stroke. There are two main types of cholesterol:

  • LDL, i.e. low-density lipoprotein also known as bad cholesterol – it increases your chances of a heart attack or else stroke.
  • HDL, i.e. high-density lipoprotein also known as good cholesterol- it assists to remove excess cholesterol from your blood.

Causes of high cholesterol

Causes of high cholesterol are many which include consumption of foods that are high in saturated fats as well as cholesterol. Today’s inactive lifestyle leads to increment in body weight and which causes high cholesterol. It can also be genetically known as familial hypercholesterolemia. There are many medical conditions also that cause high cholesterol levels such as high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease as well as kidney disease. Some factors are responsible for high cholesterol levels are:

  1. Alcohol consumption
  2. Age
  3. Smoking
  4. Genetics
  5. Gender
  6. Diet
  7. Level of physical activity

Symptoms of high cholesterol

Usually, high cholesterol does not show any specific symptoms as several people get to know about this during a physical exam or else blood test.  We can say that it is a silent condition that does not show any early warning. Some high cholesterol symptoms include:

  1. Heart attack
  2. Chest pain
  3. Stroke
  4. Pain at the time of walking

There are some people who are more prone to high cholesterol levels and which should take necessary steps to prevent themselves from this condition:

  1. Men more than 45 years of age
  2. Women those who crossed their menopausal age, as during menopause LDL levels increase automatically.
  3. People who have a family background of heart disease
  4. Obese people
  5. People living sedentary lifestyles

Preventions of high cholesterol

It is very much essential to change your lifestyle so that you can lower your cholesterol naturally. In simple words, just make alterations in your diet and also increase your level of exercise to treat high cholesterol. By living a healthy lifestyle, you can easily prevent high cholesterol condition and can also lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. Below are some preventive measures which you should follow:

  1. Make healthy choices

Keep in mind that your body automatically makes cholesterol which it requires. So there is no need to get it from foods. So the foremost thing is that you should avoid the consumption of saturated fat and Tran’s fat. Choose wisely those foods which are low in saturated fats, sodium as well as added sugars. They can include yogurt, cheese, seafood, low-fat milk, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You can eat foods high in fiber and prevent and manage high levels of cholesterol like black beans, kidney beans, oatmeal, avocado, olive oil, and nuts. If you are not finding time to buy from megastore then you can also try it out by choosing to get it delivered to your doorstep with amazing Grofers Promo Codes for Grocery items.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity and being overweight is the primary causes of high cholesterol, assist slows down the body’s ability to remove bad cholesterol from your blood. So always maintain healthy body weight, and for this, you should calculate body mass index, i.e. BMI. You can talk to your doctor or nutritionist regarding this and to know what a healthy weight is for you.

  1. Regular exercises

Physical activity is must and is the best way to lower your cholesterol levels and to prevent you from this condition. Always follow an active routine in which you can include moderate intensity exercises such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc. try to follow a regular exercise routine daily, you can use stairs, park vehicle far away walks for shopping and much more which contributes in weight loss. You can place some in-house gym system from online stores where you can choose to place an order with Snapdeal Coupon Codes for home essentials.

  1. Quit smoking and limit alcohol

Smoking is considered as an activity which speeds up and increases your risk of heart disease. If you smoke quit as soon as possible, for this you can consult your doctor. You should avoid drinking alcohol or else limit alcohol intake to prevent high cholesterol.

Always remember that it’s never too late to change your habits and a slight change can offer you many health benefits. If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol level, then you should consult your doctor and take your medication. You should also follow lifestyle changes and preventive measures to stop your cholesterol level to rise up again. (See also: Top Tricks to Keep Away From the Habit of Smoking)

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