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Holidays are a few weeks away, and that means it’s time to start pondering on the perfect gifts for your family and friends. Since 2020 has been a grueling year, people deserve to get something a little more fun and interesting this year.

Generic gifts won’t do the trick anymore, so it’s time to spice up the gifts with cannabis. Lucky for you, the High Note is the best dispensary to buy cannabis products in Culver City and East LA.

Aside from the vast range and types of flowers, there is now a wide array of cannabis products to fulfill every user’s medical and recreational needs. There are edibles, beauty products, and accessories for non-smokers.

Now, if you’re feeling a little dizzy from all these options, let us help you out with some suggestions. Here’s a gift guide packed with treats guaranteed to delight all.

Top 5 Gifts for the Holidays

When you’re shopping for presents, the rule of thumb is to think about the recipient’s habits, wants, and needs. If you have a pal who doesn’t like to smoke, you might want to give them edibles instead of vapes or pre-rolls.

Meanwhile, a particular cannabis strain might impress your family with a meticulous taste for aroma and flavor. Having an idea of what they like will help make things easier when you head to the dispensary.


1. Best Premium Brand: Coalition – OG Kush

Since holiday time only happens once a year, why not go all-out and spoil your loved one with the best things that your wallet can buy?

Check out this premium brand based in Los Angeles, California, formed by a network of the best growers in the cannabis business. Coalition delivers the finest strains that are bound to make even a cannabis connoisseur’s day.

Their OG Kush is the perfect gift for people who enjoy an intense cannabis effect. This indoor-grown Indica strain has a high potency of 25 to 30 THC levels that will keep the high going for hours.

When used, it provides happy, upbeat, relaxed, and euphoric effects and produces a mix of aromas ranging from earthy, berry, and citrus.

Give this to your friends or family who love chilling on the couch or listening to music while high. OG strain is also best for people who have trouble winding down, relaxing, or getting to bed.

2. Best Eco-Friendly Brand: Ervana 7 Pack

A study from the CDC shows that Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve than any other time of year.

As consumers, we must do our part by reducing any harmful effect that we and others may have with our actions.

If your idea of a perfect holiday gift includes helping the environment, then here’s an eco-friendly brand that you can support.

Ervana’s cannabis products are a great gift not only to your friends and family but also to the planet.

For every ounce that the brand sells, they have pledged to plant a tree in California. Their signature blends come in a pack of seven half-gram pre-rolls stacked inside a 100% reusable and recyclable tin with zero plastic and non-toxic printing.

The containers are small enough to fit comfortably in a back pocket or bag, perfect for on-the-go convenience.

Each tin includes matches made of wood from a responsibly managed forest, so your giftee doesn’t have to worry about a lighter. They also added a hemp wick in all of their pre-rolls for a better and tastier experience.

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3. Best – Price Friendly Weed: Amigo

A pack of pre-rolled joints or potent flowers may be a great gift, but it can often be too expensive. But even if you’re tight on a budget, you can still surprise your friend and make them feel good with this price-friendly weed.

Just like a good friend, Amigo offers top-quality sun-grown cannabis at a price that many can afford. From flowers, vapes to edibles, they sell everything that your weed-loving friend would enjoy.

Amigo grows their buds au natural with no pesticides or toxic chemicals – just the Cali soli, sun, and fresh air. They cultivate cannabis strains that California is famous for and packs them in bags of eights and ounces.

The brand offers vapes perfect for your gift recipient, who wants to be a little more discreet when using cannabis. They also have cannabis-infused gummies that contain 10 mg THC a piece and come in a refreshing fruit flavor dusted with sugar and chili.

4. Jewelry: Blunted Objects

We all know someone who has a passion for fashion, and chances are they might also be lovers of cannabis.

Why not give your fashionista pal the perfect gift where they can flaunt their appreciation for cannabis without sacrificing style?

These weed-themed accessories and jewelry by Blunted Objects represent a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts who don’t care about what society thinks.

Blunted Objects sell various weed-themed jewelry items from 420 necklaces, peace and pot bracelets, leaf earrings, statement rings, pot leaf crowns, and more. The unique designs feature carefully crafted cannabis-inspired bling in silver, gold, or gunmetal accents that will suit everyone.

Each piece is a loud fashion statement that’s perfect for your daring friend who wants to express their love for the plant. They add a little twist to an otherwise dull outfit and instantly connect the wearer with the cannabis community.

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5. CBD Regimen: High Gorgeous

If you’re scouring the internet for the best gift that will please any skin-care savant, look no further than High Gorgeous CBD Regimen. CBD oil has become a bona fide skin-care trend and a daily beauty regimen for many women.

This buzzy ingredient is proof that you don’t need to be a stoner to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. High Gorgeous created a lineup of luxurious products such as lotions and drops infused with CBD, THC, and THCA.

Not only do these cannabis products help relieve soreness, inflammation, and pain, but they also slow down signs of aging and moisturize the skin.

Their products are also vegan and cruelty-free, so you and your giftee can enjoy guilt-free consumption. It’s the perfect gift to your beauty-obsessed friend who deserves to feel gorgeous and healthy every day.

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