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Whenever I invite people to come to try CrossFit with me, I am always met with the same kinds of reactions. The main one being the fear of breaking their bones or tearing their muscles as they do the reps they see me do. Sadly, in some remote cases, this is indeed true. But, this does not mean that all CrossFit gym does it. Certainly, Dublin Crossfit does not do it. There are two main factors that contribute to people injuring themselves when they do CrossFit. The first one is bad programming and bad coaching. And we will further elaborate on these concerns along with other myths about CrossFit in this article.

Dublin Crossfit: Myth No 1 – You cannot do CrossFit if you are not Athletic

In a word, no, you do not need to come from an athletic background to do or enjoy CrossFit. Case and point are that most of those that are actually drawn into CrossFit are those that are younger. Kids who go to high school and college are the first ones who take an interest in CrossFit. Students who are not in any sports program and whose only physical activity is walking around on campus. Being athletic is never a prerequisite in doing CrossFit although you might have that goal in mind in doing so.

People from a lot of different walks of life start doing CrossFit for a lot of different reasons. This is the reason why a lot of CrossFit gyms, or “boxes”, spring up from almost every different kind of area. Every single one of us has the potential to gain as much as we want from the gyms that we go and the kind of approach we take to and CrossFit is no different.

The only real requirement before entering CrossFit is the dedication to improving our physical selves. The ones that share a gym and do CrossFit share the same goal of finding a better way to live. While that could be daunting, each and every one of us has the same core belief. We just have to unleash it and make and power through.

Dublin Crossfit: Myth No 2 – CrossFit Demands that You are Fit

As with athleticism, fitness is not a requirement before doing CrossFit. On the contrary, people should join CrossFit to be fit. There are a lot of misconceptions with regards to how you have to be in the tip-top form before you join CrossFit. The confusion stems from the fact that CrossFit has always been advertised as a sport instead of a way to work out. It is easy to mistake one for the other as a description of CrossFit because CrossFit is actually either. CrossFit is a sport because you are competing, in some cases, with other CrossFitters, and in other cases with yourself.

This should not scare you, however, because this is simply how CrossFit is built. The creators recognized that competition, either with other people, or even yourself can light a fire under each one of us that causes us to push ourselves harder and make sure that we strive to reach our top potential.

So, comes the question if people can actually join CrossFit even if they are a bit on the heavy end. The answer is definitely. Of course, you would have to limit your exercises to ensure that you will not be straining yourself especially since you might be putting a bit more pressure on your joints and bones. If you want to lose weight, CrossFit has seen a lot of success stories.

Dublin Crossfit: Myth No 3 – CrossFit has an age requirement

As a relatively new phenomenon, most Crossfit practitioners are young thus giving the impression of being limited only to those who have young strong bones. That is a completely false notion. Of course, the age will be put into consideration to make sure that older gym-goers will not suffer any injury.

In the end, it all comes down to the will, desire and having proper coaching to ensure that health is put on top priority. If you are at an advanced age, ask for coaches who have had experience dealing with the elderly. A lot of things change, not just the number of repetitions, but also the posture and duration of sets. You also have to consider the breathing as older people’s respiration has a different rhythm to it.

Dublin Crossfit: Myth No 4 – CrossFitters does the only Crossfit

One of the main things that deter people from ever trying out CrossFit is because of the sheer devotion that some practitioners have for the method. Through no fault of its own, CrossFit drives people to give a special kind of affection to it. This is simply because it produces results. What is not true however is that CrossFitters are bigger than just CrossFit itself. A lot of people who work out do other kinds of activities to ensure that they are getting the proper balance in their physical exercises. Though some might say that they are simply trying out the gains that they have generated from the work that they have done in their CrossFit. There is of course nothing wrong about that as CrossFit is indeed an excellent way to do better in other kinds of activities other than just exercise.

A lot of athletes have incorporated CrossFit or elements of CrossFit in their workout routines. This gives you a view that CrossFit is more than just CrossFit.

Dublin Crossfit: Myth No 5 – All Boxes are the Same

CrossFit gyms, or boxes, are not all the same. Sure the practice and the general philosophy are there but you have to be extremely careful in choosing the gym for you. Some suit others better and some may just not fit your taste. If you live in a certain community, however, and in every sense of the word, thrive there, then the local CrossFit gym may have already adjusted to your persona. Just be wary, that there are indeed gyms that do not do proper CrossFit.

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