Back Pain During Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life and this fact speaks above all the ups and downs involved during this time. Certain issues such as nausea, morning sickness, and back pain are common complaints raised by pregnant women and general treatments may not apply in this case. On a normal day you could down 3 shots of patron silver and go to sleep and you might probably feel better. But during pregnancy special care needs to be taken as your body conditions are quite different.

More than 50 percent of women complain of back pain during pregnancy. The amount of weight gained by most women is above the average weight expected which is among the top causes. This, in turn, causes a shift in your center of gravity which moves forward causing your back to arch and eventually ache. Another reason is the pregnancy hormone relaxin that is naturally secreted by the body to prepare and expand the pelvis area to accommodate the baby. This causes ligaments in the spine to loosen up leading to the muscles handling all the weight.

Having a healthy diet is also essential during this period as this will determine your overall strength for yourself and your baby. Opting health now is important than ever.

There are simple methods to relax and ease the pain by following 5 easy and essential tips which are listed below.

  1. Work on your posture: Sitting and standing the right way can help avoid excessive strain on your back muscles. The weight gain and shift of gravity forward will make you want to arch back but this should be avoided. Instead, use wide stance which will make it more comfortable to stand and help you balance. Similarly, try resting on one foot at a time in case you need to stand for long durations for better support. Pay attention to sitting positions too. Your chest and head need to stay high, tuck your buttocks under and sit in the position where your pelvis area is flat without arching back. Your hips and lower back need to touch the back of your seat to provide comfort. Choose comfortable footwear during the phase to avoid unnecessary strain on your back. Maternity belt is also a great solution for those having issues with posture. This can help balance the weight and can be an effective lower back pain treatment.
  1. Choose to sleep on your side: Sleeping positions can determine how well you are supporting your back. Instead of lying on your back, sleep on your side. Provide support by bending one knee. Body pillows have proven to provide amazing comfort which you can try using. Using these pillows will ease your pain as it reduces the strain between your lower back and pelvis and helps you have a good night sleep. Again, it is recommended to sleep on your left to reduce pressure on the main veins located on the right side of your body.
  1. Include physical activity in your daily schedule: Regular physical activity is a great way to strengthen your back and relieve the pain.  Consult your pain doctor before you decide on what type of exercises or yoga you can do. You can go for simple activities such as walking or basic stretches to ease the pain.  It is advisable not to go for heavy exercises even during the first few months of your pregnancy. Swimming is also a great activity and is among highly recommended exercises for pregnant women. The time you have in water will be a weightless feeling which is bliss during this period. Swimming will help workout all parts of your body especially your chest and back thus easing any back pain.You can also try prenatal yoga as the movement and flexibility will be a great pain relief method. It is recommended to have an instructor to practice it the right way.
  1. Try Therapy: Various types of therapies can have a great effect in relieving your back pain and helping your muscles and mind relax. Aromatherapy is a good start which you can do at home. Make a warm bath to a temperature you will feel comfortable and add a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or rosewood and enjoy a nice long bath. Alternatively, you can try using warm compresses or hot water bottles to soothe the pain. Other options available are complementary therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic therapy. This can help correct the stress falling imbalanced on some parts of the body and thus help relieve the pain. Acupuncture can also remove any blocks disrupting the natural energy flow of the body which will be a relaxing experience.
  1. Massages: Massages during your pregnancy are recommended as they help you relax both physically and mentally. Gentle massages can help soothe your back aches and make you feel better. Prenatal massages, especially with a certified therapist can help you get rid of any pain caused due to your muscles clenching that usually causes the pain. Mild pain in the back during pregnancy is observed in many cases and there is no need to panic. By following the tips from above you can cope with same. But remember if the condition persists or is accompanied by discomfort and bleeding in your vagina or the pain is getting severe it is recommended to consult your doctor immediately.Have food rich in vitamin A, E, C, D, exercise regularly and enjoy this blissful period of life.

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