We’ve all heard about how obesity causes health problems and how millions of people have spent a lot of their lives searching for a sure-fire way to lose weight. There are so many products on the market that don’t always work and cause people to give up but there is one that has been getting a lot of attention these days is HCG. A lot of the products throw a lot of science and will try to sell you on what your body isn’t doing right. A lot of the claims can’t be substantiated and in most cases, the science seems contrived with nothing to back it up. If you’ve tried everything else and are tired of miraculous weight reduction products that aren’t working for you the HCG drops are the next best thing.

What are HCG drops?

Human chorionic gonadotropin HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is made during pregnancy. How does a hormone that is essentially only during pregnancy beneficial in weight loss? A lot of people have asked this and a lot have dismissed the use of HCG as pseudo-science or just another way to dupe and giving false hope to people who are desperately trying to lose weight. So how does this miracle hormone work? It works by resetting the Hypothalamus, which is the gland responsible controlling metabolism, which is important in how fast our bodies’ metabolism. The Hypothalamus also regulates appetite. In order to grasp the biological mechanisms that cause obesity, you need to be aware of your body’s rhythms. If you have the ultimate goal of losing weight quickly and effectively then whatever supplement you choose or weight loss booster like HCG drops you need to be mindful of the other elements that affect your weight.


There are countless studies that link genetics, hormones and psychological issues that lead to obesity. This is why ant diet you go on needs to be coupled with the emotional aspects of your being, your age, gender and your relationship with food. A good solution is to incorporate a food plan when you start on an HCG diet and engage in some light exercise. You don’t have to eat rabbit food or subject yourself to joint breaking running. Exercise is good. If it’s too daunting for you then take to walking around a block one a day and in time you will find that you can go further, do more and maybe brave the floor to ceiling mirrors found in most gyms.

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Pros and Cons of HCG drops

The HCG diet promotes healthy eating and awareness of the calories and nutrition you put on your plate at each meal. The downside of being on an HCG diet is that your food intake is extremely limited. You can only have 500 calories a day, which is regarded as unhealthy by some health practitioners and unrealistic. Calories based diets have been found to be what gets a lot of diet off the wagon. The body will want what it cannot have. On the flipside, HCG has been associated with appetite control so the restriction is not as angst-filled as people would think.

It can have nasty side effects that include heart palpitations. Other users felt weak and tired after a few days of using HCG drops. These possible side-effects are the reason why there is a recommendation to speak to your regular medical doctor.


HCG drops can accelerate the weight loss process too but you should also be aware that most of the weight that gets lost if fluid loss which HCG can stimulate. You should give it some time before you dismiss it or rave about it The scientific jury is still out on using HCG for weight loss, even the FDA is not on board with HCG and have

How do HCG drops work for weight loss

HCG comes in different forms the first being the Homeopathic type of HCG drops. It does not require a prescription so, can be bought over the counter. It is not only accessible but is considered to be more affordable. The second type is the prescription type that is administered by injection.

In pregnant women, HCG ensures that the fetus gets enough nutrients and calories by stimulating the Hypothalamus. This, in turn, produces chemicals that release fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy.

How to Use the HCG Drops

An HCG diet with is 500 calories a day restrictions might sound impossible and drastic. In order to be on the safe side, most diet plans are broken down into phases with the first one being more stringent and lasting only two weeks (at most). After the first phase, the calories are increased from 500 to 1200 calories.

The recommended dosage of HGC drops is 10 drops taken three times a day. You should not eat anything 30 minutes before taking the drops and afterward. Follow a diet plan.


Conclusion and Recommendation

There is a lot of debate about the efficacy and the safety of HCG but those who have been on the diet can attest to how easy it was to get through without having to face the things we dread the most like exercise and starvation. HCG not only helps you lose weight but it gives you energy, is easy you follow and gives you results faster than anything on the market. If you’ve been struggling with weight, this could be the solution that puts you on a path to a leaner you. Try it, you have nothing to lose but fat!

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