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Ah! The summer is coming now, and all of us are waiting for the beautiful sunny days. However, a change in weather can have a bad effect on our skins.

To keep them flawless all over the summer is the real deal you should be thinking about now. To take care of the skin, to make sure it is glowing and clear, and keeping it healthy might sound like difficult work, but it is not.

You can make a huge difference by following a few tips. Here are they:

1. You are what you Eat 

If you are spotting acne on your face, you are probably eating too much oily food. Too many spices, junk, or unhealthy food do not just deteriorate your physical health; it also affects your mental health.

Just like that, it is bad for your skin. You must make it a lifestyle to eat healthy and hygienic. Similarly, staying hydrated is game-changing for your skin. If you want some glow on your skin, the rule number one is: drink more water. 

2. Cleanse, Moisturize, Repeat 

You must cleanse your skin at least once a day. Whenever you do that, put some moisturizer on it. You must not compromise on a good cleanser and moisturizer which fits the nature of your skin. These two basic habits will ensure the regular health of your skin. 

3. Do not forget to Exfoliate 

It is easier to build a habit of cleansing and moisturizing every day. However, exfoliating can be a bit tricky. You should do it 1-2 times per week, depending on your skin.

Exfoliation takes out all the dead cells and makes it look fresh and young. It is one of the necessities to have glowy skin. 

4. Opt for Skin Treatments 

There are various cosmetic skin treatments that you can opt for after seeing your cosmetologist. For example, laser facial therapy or cool touch laser can help your skin look flawless.

Plasma pen training is also an option if you want to get rid of some lines and generally enhance the overall look of your face. These treatments are not too expensive, and you can easily treat yourself with one on each holiday. 

5. Sweat a Little Everyday 

Exercising is generally good for both physical and mental health. It also offers great benefits to your skin. The biggest benefit is the one you get instantly. Right after sweating a little bit, you will notice an instant glow on your skin.

Since it is summer, you can run under the open sky. If you find it hard to push yourself for it, maybe fit it in your routine along with a friend.

6. Do not go to Bed with Makeup 

It is a pro tip: Never wear makeup to bed. It is disastrous for your skin. If you do that, I can bet there will be a new pimple shining on your skin the next day.

Even if you have been partying till after midnight, pick up the makeup remover wipe before hitting the bed. Another good thing is not to wear makeup every day.

Allow your skin to rest and breath every once in a while. So, if you are a college student or you work, try not to wear any makeup at all except some SPF. Your skin will be happy and reward you for that.  

7. Know when to See a Dermatologist 

Sometimes, you cannot just follow the tips off the internet. Listen to your skin and see a dermatologist when needed. If your acne is not healing or your skin burns or you cannot get rid of hyperpigmentation, do see a dermatologist.


Since it is summers, you all probably know that you cannot compromise on a good SPF. Otherwise, your skin will tan too much and burn. Also, it is wise to not use too many products at once. Make sure that your skin feels light and easy in whatever product you use. Happy summers!

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