Skin Tags

Skin tags are tiny and soft growths that hang on your skin. These growths are quite common and harmless, so you do not need to remove them if they do not constitute any problem for you.

In most instances, they are surgically removed. Hold that thought!

Skin tags are extremely painful for some. So, the removal of these soft growths is recommended.

Here’s an article that helps you understand what skin tags are and how they can be removed.

The Appearance of Skin Tags

Skin tags are minuscule, soft, and skin-textured growths on the skin. They occur in different sizes and colors – some can be just one or two millimeters in dimension, while others can reach as much as five centimeters.

The areas where skin tags are mostly found include beneath the breasts, armpits, neck, or around the groin. It is also common to see them under the buttocks’ bulky mass or on the eyelids.

A real pain in the butt, isn’t it?

Even though skin tags can appear like warts, they are not the same. Skin tags usually are soft and smooth, while warts are typically irregular on the surface and are rough to touch.

Skin tags hang from the skin with their knobby shape, but warts are different as they are flattened or raised in appearance.

Skin tags are not contagious, so there is no need to worry about its spreading. The same thing cannot be said of warts, which are notorious for their speed of spread.

Another thing with skin tags is that they do not lead to pain or discomfort; they are also benign and not cancerous.

Causes of Skin Tags 

Causes of Skin Tags 

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Skin tags are primarily composed of blood vessels and also collagen fibers (loose connective tissue), all bound by the skin. Related.

Collagen is a special protein found in connective tissues in various parts of the body. People of both sexes can have skin tags, but there is a rise in the occurrence with progressing age, and that is why it is often seen more in the elderly.

Individuals who also suffer from obesity or adult-onset obesity also stand a higher chance of having them.

Women in pregnancy also have an increased risk of having these growths, but this is mainly due to the fluctuations in hormone production levels.

However, in some other people, these skin tags seem to appear for practically no apparent reason.

These growths are common in the skin folds or areas where the skin moves on itself, like the groin, armpits, or the neck. This explains why they are more seen with people who are obese as their bodies have a lot of skin folds.

When Skin Tags Become Worrisome

Ordinarily, skin tags do not cause any harm and do not lead to discomfort or any pain. But you also need to think about removing them if you think your self-esteem or confidence is affected or if they impede your dressing or even lead to bleeding.

If you wish to get rid of them, you will need to book an appointment with your doctor.

Removal of skin tags is seen as a form of cosmetic surgery, and that means you will most likely have to pay a fortune for the procedure.

Some other instances in which the tags fall off on their own if they atrophy because of insufficient blood supply.

Removal of Skin Tags

You shouldn’t proceed with removing one or more skin tags without getting a professional opinion from a physician.

If you have serious issues with the skin tags, you should place an appointment with your doctor so the removal can be scheduled.

Skin tags can be frozen or burnt off in a method similar to the removal of warts. Surgery can also be used, but it all depends on the severity and how you wish to approach it. There are some folks who make use of the best skin tag removers.

These skin tag removers are more affordable and are enriched with ingredients that are beneficial for the skin.

You can also find skin tag removers that contain hemp seed oil, turmeric, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients.

Concluding Thoughts 

It can cost almost a fortune to remove the skin tags, but these days you can find products that help you remove skin tags. The choice is yours!

Skin tags are painful, and they make you uncomfortable. By using skincare products, the problematic tag will fade away and eventually fall off. Moreover, you would not need to shed extra money!

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