Dangers Of Self Detox From Alcohol

Alcohol detox is a common topic nowadays. With advertisements, in print, and online products promising to cleanse the body from harmful toxins, people have started thinking that detoxing is easy.

But they don’t understand that it is not just about going on a pill or liquid formula to purge the body of toxins.

It involves more than a DIY procedure to drop body weight and excess water.

Anyone who wants to get off the alcohol dependence should only pursue detox through a licensed alcohol rehab center where medical professionals monitor the whole process.

But why all this concern?

What is dangerous about detoxing at home?

Before we discuss all this, let us first know why addicts try to get sober independently.

Why Do People Self Detox

While there can be many reasons why someone may try detoxing on their own, below are the most common ones.

They Want To Hide Their Addiction

A person may be concerned that if they tell the doctor about their addiction, the doctor will report them to the police instead of starting treatment. They may have an unpleasant idea of having a criminal record for possession.

Some people try to detox alone because they don’t want their employer or boss to find out that they have an alcohol addiction. They won’t even bring the subject to the doctor and try to tackle the substance abuse on their own.

They Think That They Have Enough Willpower To Overcome Addiction Alone

Stop using alcohol

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Many people think that overcoming addiction is all about being strong enough to stop using alcohol.

But, alcohol addiction is a brain disease that requires professional treatment. Trying to detox at home is unsafe and isn’t recommended.

Furthermore, those who manage to get clean on their own also need professional treatment. The reason, freeing the body of toxins is only the first step to sobriety.

They Might Have Tried Treatment Earlier And Relapsed

If they have already tried alcohol treatment and relapsed, they may think such treatments or programs won’t benefit them.

However, struggling with relapse in the past doesn’t mean going to detox won’t be successful in the future. It may take a couple of more attempts to live alcohol-free.

They May Feel A Sense Of Guilt Or Shame

Sense Of Guilt Or Shame

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Addiction may create a sense of low self-worth in the person. They may feel shame about their behaviors associated with alcoholism or substance abuse, such as stealing.

The addict and their family may prefer dealing with the situation at home so that no one outside the home finds that their loved one is high on drugs.

Dangers Of Self-Detox

Each year millions of people go to detox to get clean and sober. Many of them go through acute withdrawal symptoms due to the long-term use of alcohol.

People even die from complications associated with withdrawal symptoms, like irregular heartbeat, seizures, etc.

Thus, anyone who wants to break free from the chains of alcoholism should receive treatment from reputed alcohol rehab, like Drug Rehab Indiana. The rehab in Indiana is a licensed facility where the medical staff monitors a patient’s progress on a 24×7 basis.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

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When someone drinks heavily for a long time, either they reduce their alcohol intake or stop drinking altogether, i.e., go ‘cold turkey.’ Once they go cold turkey, they are sure to experience withdrawal symptoms that may vary from person to person.

Once they go cold turkey, they are sure to experience withdrawal symptoms that may vary from person to person. Some of the common symptoms are-

Sometimes, the symptoms are so intimidating that it becomes difficult to control the addicts. The more intense the cravings and symptoms, the more likely someone self-detoxing will experience a relapse. It is something to be taken seriously as it may take a toll on the addict’s life too.

For this reason, going through a detox program in rehab under the supervision of professionals like https://www.rayhaderclinic.com.au/alcohol-addiction is the best option.

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