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Are you unable to hit the gym regularly? Struggling between long working hours and day-to-day activities?

We know, the stress that demands you to sacrifice your ‘ME’ time. Don’t!

If you can’t hit a gym, design a brilliant workout space at home and install fitness mirrors to it to thrill your home gym experience.

Let’s learn more about the perfect fitness mirror for your workout space.

How does a fitness mirror different from ordinary mirrors?

fitness mirror different from ordinary mirrors

Do you think that fitness mirrors are similar to normal vanity mirrors? Think again because they are not the same.

Let’s find out how they are different.

  1. Designed for a different purpose

Designed for a different purpose

These are specially designed in a learning style at the top, which makes your upper body closer to the mirror and gives it a bigger composition.

Being honest, they offer a visual illusion. So, do not panic if your body feels different in normal mirrors.

  1. Use tempered glass

Use tempered glass

Also known as toughened glass, it undergoes chemical and heat treatments that increase the strength of tempered glass to endure different variations of stress.

Wondering why Gym mirrors are made of it?

Below are a few of many reasons that make tempered glass a perfect choice for gym spaces:

  • Tough and resilient. Tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass. It can withstand accidental blows and kicks when you are extra active.
  • A safer option. When tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t harm people around. So, it’s recommended in places, like gyms, and is a safe option for use at home too.
  • Gives a clear view. Tempered glass offers the best clarity, making it an ideal fit for your home-gym wall.
  • It’s scratch-resistant. The tempering process offers stain-resisting quality to the glass. It also makes a mirror visually appealing as you see a clear reflection while doing your daily exercises.
  1. HD quality image

HD quality image

Using HD definition mirrors in the gym gives you a brighter, clearer image. Made up of low iron content, fitness mirrors are free from the green-tint like normal mirrors. They offer sharper focus, better colors, and turn your home-gym to a professional setup.

Why is a fitness mirror effective to boost the workout at home?

fitness mirror effective to boost the workout at home

By installing a fitness mirror, you are likely to get a professional gym environment at your home. It, thus, reduces the cost of traveling to a fitness center and saves your time and energy too. Moreover, unlike professional fitness centers, you are not required to show up on a fixed time. You can perform a workout session at any time of the day.

Some other reasons why fitness mirrors enhance workout sessions are:

  1. Help with the perfect posture

Fitness freaks love to get the perfect postures. So, if you are unsure of your steps, a mirror would help you with it. Though professional gyms have these mirrors, you might be hesitant to express yourself in front of others.

Full-length mirrors in your home gym help you judge the perfect posture for the workout. You can, thus, achieve your dream body.

  1. Allows better focus

Allows better focus

Another benefit of mirrors installed in a home gym is that you can watch yourself closely without feeling awkward. You could check yourself as many times in the mirror and focus on the body parts that need improvement.

  1. Boosts energy levels

Boosts energy levels

Looking yourself in the mirror while training improves your concentration levels. You would wish to hold the weight longer as you see the sweaty heroic image of yourself.

  1. Makes you feel better

Makes you feel better

Workout mirrors complete the look of your home gym. They elevate any ordinary-looking room, add aesthetic appeal to that space, and make your workout fun.

In short, mirrors boost your home gym experience and you’ll enjoy the workout time.

The recommended size and dimension for fitness mirrors

Putting up a fitness mirror in a home gym mirror is a challenging task. If you skip a minor detail, you’ll not be able to appropriately install a mirror. Thus, the placement and dimension of workout mirrors have a huge impact.

Here are some recommendations to get the exact dimensions for your fitness mirror.

  1. Decide where you’ll put it

Decide where you’ll put it

You need to keep the room size in mind when you plan to install a mirror. Think if you want mirrors on all walls to bring a grand look to your home gym or a single mirror would be enough.

Then, decide which wall you will be using. After that, taking the measurements, hop off to the next step.

  1. Select the size

The recommended length for workout mirrors is 6ft while the thickness should be 6mm. However, 4mm works fine too. You can also choose different lengths according to your requirements.

  1. Placement tips and tricks

Placement tips and tricks

Some rules that everyone agrees to are:

  • Fitness mirrors should be placed 24 inches above the floor so that all the sockets, wiring, and other stuff don’t get interrupted.
  • It is better if the mirror doesn’t show your feet and other exercise equipment placed in a room.
  • The height should exceed a little above the head, so it allows you to watch yourself well while exercising.
  1. Other considerations

Two minor details that make a big difference are:

  • The lighting

Lighting matters a lot in a gym setup. Choose a place where you get adequate light to check yourself. On the other hand, avoid any wall where direct light will shine in the mirror because it is disturbing.

  • Check the surroundings

Any wallpaper on the opposite wall might affect the mirror’s job and you’ll be distracted as well. Therefore, you need to clear any clutter that might bother your performance.

So, keep these secret tips in mind when planning to fix a gym mirror at home.

Where to buy fitness mirrors at an affordable rate?

buy fitness mirrors at an affordable rate

To avoid the hassle of going to a shop to find a mirror of your dream, order a custom mirror online. Many brands are selling their products online. However, the reliability of the products and services matters. Therefore, I recommend purchasing from Fab Glass and Mirror as the company is known for providing high-quality mirrors at economical rates throughout the USA.

From the order to selection and delivery, everything shall be fluent and professional, far better than your expectations. For this reason, you can trust Fab Glass and Mirror.

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