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Any accident that happens is no laughing matter. Even in those instances where you aren’t involved, it still isn’t something nice to experience.

That is why when accidents occur – whether at home, at work or when you’re out with your family and friends – you need to know how to act. Being an idle witness who isn’t knowledgeable in easing the situation could potentially make it worse. Sure, you can always rely on someone else but what if it’s just the two of you and your companion is hurt? This is where having even the most basic idea of first aid comes in.

The very essence of first aid is to provide the initial help to ease the condition of a person suffering from illness or injury. It comprises easy-to-do techniques that can be done even with basic equipment. Finally, first aid is often applied by a capable person while waiting for professional medical assistance.

The importance of knowing how to perform first aid shouldn’t be underestimated. It provides numerous benefits not only for yourself but especially for those around you. Let’s take a look at several reasons why people should learn even the most basic first aid nowadays. (See also: Types of First Aid Training Courses)

You’ll Know What to Do During Emergencies

Those who are versed in applying first aid techniques are able to lend their hand when emergencies arise. For instance, someone in your group has swallowed a dangerous substance, is experiencing health-related concerns such as asthma or they get physically hurt, an individual who knows first aid can do something to alleviate their problem. Rather than simply being a bystander, you can take part in providing valuable support to both the victims and professional responders as well.

It Can Prove to Be Crucial at the Right Moment

An accident’s first few minutes is its most crucial time. The kind of treatment a victim gets during this time can significantly affect the end result. In some extreme cases, this can mean the difference between whether they will live or not. A person receiving optimal first aid treatment, for instance, when they experience a cardiac arrest have their chances of survival improved dramatically. Learning how to perform first aid the right way can enable you to apply life-saving techniques at the right time.

You’ll Know How to Apply the Right Methods

First aid practitioners know how to perform the proper methods to administer medical assistance correctly. Being knowledgeable in giving a person proper care when they’re hurt is very important when an emergency happens. For instance, the human brain only has about six minutes before it expires from oxygen deprivation and being misinformed and inept might make things worse without the right know-how.

People Close to You Benefit from Your First Aid Skills

Strangers or people you don’t know aren’t the only ones affected by emergencies. A previous report states that more than 20,000 people in Australia experience heart problems such as heart attacks each year. In most cases, the life-saving expertise that you gain will be applied to someone you know who’s hurt. This can come in the form of your spouse, child, parent or friend and having the ability to possibly save lives can benefit them in the long run.

You Can’t Predict the Future but You Can Always Be Prepared

We all know that the future isn’t something we can predict with full certainty. Accidents happen all the time, any time and at any place. You may be sitting at home watching the TV, outside playing your favorite sport or driving your car – misfortune can happen at any of these scenarios. You can’t tell when or where an accident will take place but be prepared with first aid training will definitely pay off once it does.

You Become Someone People Can Rely On

Of course, not all illnesses or injuries require a person to be sent to the hospital but this doesn’t mean that they won’t suffer from pain. For example, a child is crying after they stumbled and bruise their knees or is experiencing high fever symptoms. With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to apply the right techniques along with the first aid equipment needed to lighten their suffering. Aside from that, you’re also giving the person the support they need to stay calm and feel secure to lower anxiety levels.

You Learn How to Look After Yourself Too

Lastly, first aid training teaches you to take care of yourself and make sure that your safety comes first. The reason for this isn’t because of selfishness, it’s because you are taught to think practically. When you keep yourself safe, you put yourself in a position where you can assist others who are in need. Aside from that, you’ll also understand the importance of living a healthy life. Being knowledgeable in all these will make you more aware of your body and the possible harm that could happen around you.


Accidents are unavoidable and they can happen when you least expect them. So it’s important to stay ready at all times and to know how to react when it comes. By having even the most basic knowledge of first aid, you’re turning yourself into someone who can do something to relieve the situation.

Aside from that, you can also change the entire outcome of how a person may live afterward with the right training. First aid can be used not only to provide comfort while the medical experts are on their way, but it could also prove to be crucial when applied at the right time.

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