Dental Implants

The full denture is an all-natural teeth replacement most familiar to patients.

The only alternative to a fully removable denture is a dental implant-based denture.

While removable dentures are usually the cheapest choice for dentures, they can be both painful and impractical. Read the reasons why you should choose dental implants.

1. To Preserve the Jaw Bone

Experts in All on 4 via NSOMS explain that dental implants are the only option for rebuilding teeth that preserves and stimulates natural bone, stimulating bone growth and preventing bone loss.

Removable dentures put pressure on the tissue and cause further bone loss. The bone resorption ultimately causes the dentures to become loose. Conversely, the dental implant causes osseointegration of the underlying bone.

It creates a strong bond with the jaw bone and prevents the absorption process.

Sometimes the sunken areas under the blind tooth are visible in the dental bridge. This is a common finding for front bridges.

The blame for these defects is the resorption of the alveolar bone after tooth loss. By comparison, implants preserve the jawbone.

Alternatively, dental implant design and dental cap mimic a real tooth. You won’t notice that your mouth contains an artificial substitute.

2. To Prevent Teeth from Moving Into the Empty Space

If you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will eventually move to fill the space. This can cause many dental complications.

Unevenly distributed or overfilled teeth are more difficult to keep clean and can cost a fortune in dental care. If you insert a dental implant, the teeth will remain correctly positioned and can be easily cleaned.

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3. Better Appearance

Dentures based on dental implants look more natural and attractive than removable dentures. They look and feel like natural teeth. Because the implants attach to the bone, the prosthesis is permanent and cannot be removed.

4. Increased Confidence

Movable dentures become loose and can shift and embarrass the user. With a dental implant prosthesis, a person can be sure that the teeth do not shift. All regular activities can be done without fear of shame.

5. To Maintain Oral Hygiene

The accumulation of food in the gap created by the missing teeth can lead to dental diseases. This problem can be solved by inserting a dental implant. Dental bridges and removable dentures require careful care.

Food particles can get stuck in the dental bridge in the area under the blind tooth.

Sometimes it can also be difficult to clean the interdental areas adjacent to the dental bridge. Dry mouth or reduced salivation is a common problem among denture users.

In short, dentures and dental bridges increase the risk of contracting oral diseases. That’s why dental implants are the best approach if you want a low maintenance denture. You just have to comply with regular oral hygiene, such as brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

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6. Convenience

Movable dentures can cause pressure sores under the prosthesis. There are no wounds in implanted dentures.

A removable denture may not be practical because it should be removed at night and for cleaning. They require messy glues. Patients with dental implants do not experience such embarrassing situations.

7. Durability

Implants have high efficiency and durability. They last for many years. With good care, implants can last a lifetime.

8. Maintain your Appearance

When your jawbone begins to deteriorate due to missing teeth, your face often appears sunken. It can make you look a lot older.

For this reason, people with dentures often complain of thin lips and sunken cheeks. A dental implant provides the stimulation your body needs to create dense, healthy jaw bone material and make your face full and younger.

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9. Better Nutrition

Removable dentures can slip during eating, which makes eating complicated and less pleasurable. The chewing ability of food is significantly improved by dental implants.

While removable dentures are only 20% to 25% as efficient as a person’s natural teeth, implant dentures are as efficient as 80%.

The denture worn by dental implants acts like natural teeth and makes eating pleasant and easy. The fully removable upper denture covers the roof of the mouth. Food is harder to taste and enjoy.

With an implant-based prosthesis, the roof of the mouth is not covered, and the food can be fully tasted.

10. Bone Development

One of the most debilitating problems for patients with removable dentures is the amount and quality of the bone that appears over time.

Gradually removable dentures become harder to wear due to bone loss. The comb gradually wears out and the denture supports less and less.

Dental implants act like natural teeth and support bone stimulation and growth.


Due to high long-term effectiveness, greater comfort and better quality of life, dental implants are the best choice for many people of all ages.

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