Lighting Can Improve Your Health

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Light enables us to see the colors and vivid details of our world. And it’s also one of nature’s blessing that is often taken for granted. Ever experienced extreme tiresomeness? Being aggravated for no concrete reason at all? Or just having that lonesome dull feeling. If we wonder what might be causing that failing eyesight or sleepiness in broad daylight, lighting might be the culprit. Light, if utilized correctly, can produce drastic improvement in our lives and our health. Below are just some of the health benefits we can get from the right and proper lighting.

A Good Night Sleep

Everyone needs a good sleep, our body needs ample time to rejuvenate naturally, and that usually happens while we are sleeping. The circadian rhythm, an internal clock in our system, dictates the daily physical and mental behaviors of our body including our sleep. And the light is one of the important cue and regulator of our circadian rhythm.

The intensity of light that surrounds us can either make us alert or drowsy. If we find ourselves groggy even after a long night of sleep, then it’s best to review our sleeping habits and even the light that surrounds us. Avoiding the blue light on our TV or smartphone dramatically helps. Also, turning off or dimming the lights an hour before bedtime helps prepare our body for a restful sleep. (See also: How To Improve Your Sleep Each Night)

Lower Stress and Depression

Imagine working in a place with nothing but your desk and the four corners of your room, dark and dull painted walls, not even a window and only a fluorescent bulb to light the space. Studies have found out that working in this kind of closed environment with no proper lighting hurts our mood and productivity.

On the other hand, research also shows that exposing ourselves to high amounts of light especially natural light contributes to a lower level of stress and overall improvement in our mood. Having the proper gleam symbolizes optimism. But what if we can’t access natural light? Let’s be thankful that innovations in lighting have come a long way. Most light bulbs and lamps today mimic natural light giving you the feeling of being outside, boosting your mood and alleviating that stress. (See also: Stress Management Techniques You Should Know About)

Improved Concentration

A research done by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology found out that besides enhancing our physical and mental condition, lighting can improve our concentration and cognitive performance. With a higher classroom lighting, students were more alert and scored higher on their tests. This study just proves that investing in a good desk lamp on your working space table can do more on your concentration and increase your productivity.

Improved Concentration

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Better Eyesight

We can’t deny the fact that the essential element of our vision is lighting. But too much or too little light can both cause eye discomfort that can lead to more severe eye damage if not addressed immediately. A smart way to care for our eyes is to use specialized eyewear to avoid the damaging blue light from our television and smartphone screens.

Also, with the improvement in technology throughout the years, innovative lighting products are abundant in the market. Wide arrays of light bulbs and lamps are made available that not only focuses on design but also on our eye needs that will make that late-night reading easy on the eyes. (See also: 5 Types of Eyelid Procedures for Attractive & Youthful Eyes)

Brings us Joy

They say that Christmas season is the happiest time of the year. Fancy lights everywhere, this is when we see our entire place brighten up. The colorful lights that beautify the surrounding bring joy not only for kids but most of the people around. Human instinct usually has that fascination with lights, whenever something sparks in the dark just like the stars, fireflies and sea anemones our mood lightens up. With the help of light in beautifying the surroundings, it creates a positive energy that brings a sense of happiness to its viewers and contributes to having good health.

Conclusion:  Since we were able to site the impact of lighting to our health, the next time we decorate our room, home or office, consider investing in good lighting, it’s could be the same in investing for a better health condition


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