You may have heard of autism in children and know that it is a disease. But what is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder or autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the nervous system and overall cognitive and emotional and physical health of the sufferer.

It is said that one in every 61 kids in Karnataka has autism. This disorder cannot be diagnosed up for 18 months and is on the rise in the state.

The disease is a pervasive one and is apparent from childhood and affects a child’s entire childhood. It can be a minor problem in some children, whereas, in others, treatment might include rehabilitation.

Multiple factors influence the development of ASD and the disease also influences sensory sensitivities and gastric issues, as well as mental weakness with anxiety, attention problems, insomnia, or depression also affecting the person.

You might wonder, can my child’s autism go away?

Research shows that a lot of kids suffering from autism can grow up into normally functioning adults. A lot of children, however, can never fully gain control of the disease but are able to live with it. One common solution is to seek autism treatment in Bangalore.

What are the treatments for autism? 

With most ailments that harm or hinder the brain, ASD also does not have one particular treatment. That’s why even the best ASD treatment centers in Bangalore maneuver highly structured and specialized therapy programs to cater to an individual’s autism.

  1. Communication and Behavior therapy: Some multiple therapies and treatments target the behavioral abnormalities and help child mend or live at ease with them. 
    • Applied Behavioral Analysis: This treatment is used in child clinics and schools and targets learning positive, neutral, and negative behaviors so children can curb the negative ones. This method is used to focus on a variety of skills.
    • Developmental, Individual differences; Relationship-based approach (DIR): This method involves you getting on the floor or ground and playing with your child or doing activities they enjoy. It targets to set up a support system for the child to protect and push emotional and intellectual growth by helping them learn communication and emotion.
    • Treatment and Education of Autistic Related Communication-Handicapped children (TEACCH): Visual cues or pictures are used to help kids learn everyday skills like getting dressed, packing your bag, etc. The entire process is broken down into small steps to allow the child more time to comprehend, and the pictures let the child remember and form correlative memories.
    • The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS): Another visual treatment that uses symbols instead of pictures so your child communicates and asks questions through relevant symbols.
  1. Medications: There are no particular medications to treat autism, but medication will be required to tackle the other symptoms of ASD like depression, anxiety, seizures, and so on. There are also Sensory Integration Therapies that are meant to combat symptoms like light-sensitivities, certain sounds, or even touch and live with it.

Treatment and support can help you and your child cope with having the disease. If you see symptoms, take your child to a good health center at the earliest.

Remember, most of the therapies don’t harm or ill-effect the child even if they don’t have ASDso there’s no need to worry about how it could affect your child.

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