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CBD oil has taken the western world by storm, proving to be increasingly popular with both medical professionals and the self-prescribing public. There are lots of reported benefits, and a huge range of different brands to choose from, but it’s vital to know how to work out the correct dosage.

Here we look at these three key points in more detail, to help readers looking for guidance on how to have the best possible experience with CBD oil. (See also: CBD Oil: The Pros and Cons Of It For Your Health)

CBD Oil Dosages

This can be a confusing topic as the correct (and safe) dosage tends to vary depending on how the CBD oil is taken, [which could be as a liquid, in a capsule, infused into candy – or one of a dozen more ways], and perhaps also the height and weight of the person taking it.

It’s very important to take some responsibility for how much CBD oil you consume, even though products will have recommended usage instructions. These can differ between manufacturers, and ultimately they only provide ‘guidelines’. It’s safer to start off with a lower dose, and then increase it little by little until you think the results you want are noticeable.

The reason you are using it, or the condition you are trying to treat 

Experts suggest chronic pain control requires anything from 2.5 -20mg by mouth for around a month, while epilepsy patients may need more, perhaps 200-300mg by mouth every day. As each condition has different guidelines it is always best to consult a medical professional before using CDB oil.

Look at the percentage of CBD oil in a product

Some versions are considered to have too low a percentage of CBD oil to have any beneficial medical effects. You can sometimes spot these because hemp oil appears high on the list of ingredients.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

Many experts and fans of CBD oil claim it has an amazing effect on their health. Possible benefits include dramatic reductions in chronic pain caused by a number of conditions – including neuropathy and motile sclerosis, and lower anxiety and stress levels, as well as relief from the symptoms of long-term conditions like epilepsy and cancer. Here we consider some of the major benefits in more detail. (See also: Why Women In Particular Will Benefit From CBD Oil)

Tackling anxiety

There’s research evidence that shows CBD oil can help lessen the effects of anxiety in both children and adults. The even better news is that this term includes relief for those with a wide variety of related conditions, including panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and OCD. (See also: CBD Oil for Anxiety Pain Does It Really Work?)

Taking on cancer

Cancer touches so many lives that anything which could help beat it, slow its progress, or relieve its symptoms is always very welcome. It’s not easy to gather evidence concerning all kinds of cancer simply because there are so many, but early scientific research suggests CBD may help stop cancer cells growing and spreading. Non-human testing has shown positive results in cases of prostate, skin, bladder, and breast cancer.

Helping hearts

Research into the positive benefits of CBD oil for cardiovascular health is in its early stages but the signs are positive. Experts believe there could be benefits such and reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

Aiding epilepsy research

There is sound clinical evidence gathered from both animals and humans that CBD can definitely have a very positive effect when taken to fight epilepsy. Many people report that they have suffered either fewer or no seizures following CBD therapy.

Kicking pain into touch

People have smoked cannabis to successfully manage pain for a very long time, so it’s no surprise that CBD oil could do the same thing. Current evidence is that MS-related pain responds best, but informal reports from CBD oil users suggest it is also really helpful when living with pain from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, and arthritis.

Where Can You Find the Best Brands of CBD Oils?

When shopping for CBD oil bear in mind that where CBD oil is produced can make a huge difference to the quality of the end product. This is because the level of mandatory controls over ingredients and production methods are not the same in every country.

  • The best idea is to buy cannabidiol oil from a European (particularly Germany and Denmark), an American source, or from any other location where it is legal to make and sell it, as this means everything is more likely to be above board.

However, fake or substandard CBD oil can still be made and sold from those locations, so:

  • Look for a highly recommended, well known, or genuinely well-reviewed manufacturer.

Did you know that some companies add unwelcome extras to their oils? CBD oils have been known to contain pesticides and other unpleasant things, so look for:

  • CBD oil which is officially certified as organic, and made with organic hemp.
  • Oil which has been extracted using CO2 instead of butane.
  • Products which have a clear and easy to read the list of ingredients.
  • CBD oils which have their lab test results clearly visible on the company’s website.

There are lots of review articles available online which look in detail at a variety of different online retailers selling CBD oil. These can be useful, but do check that any suppliers linked to are not sponsoring the article!

Major selling sites such as Amazon which have a comprehensive customer review service are good sources to cross-check information against, to avoid falling for fake positive reviews.

It’s an exciting time in history for everyone involved with, interested in or benefits from CBD oil, and there’s no doubt that the next decade will bring even more good news. For now what we know is that when high-quality CBD oil is taken in the correct dose there are many thousands, maybe millions, of people who enjoy the benefits of this natural product.

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