Dental Implants

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Most people have experienced devastating tooth loss. When a child loses a tooth, it becomes a happy moment, but it can be a nightmare when it happens in adulthood. Though, there are many options for restoring the function and to get back your charming smile again. Sometimes losing a tooth can impact your oral health and quality of life. Losing a front tooth can be your big concern and is probably aesthetics, that can motivate you to replace the tooth with a treatment like dental implants in Houston and can consider experts at Generation STX. However, an open space in the back of your mouth may not seem like a priority as most people will never notice, but it can be a discomfort while eating.

Why Dental Implants?

Losing a tooth can even impact your life in many ways. You may lose confidence to smile and eat comfortably. Before it gets worse and leads to a significant mouth problem, get rid of it as soon as possible.

A most common option that is preferred by people and even doctors is the dental implant. This method becomes popular for the last few years, and people used to go for an implant without any second thought. Patients having tooth loss are learning that implants are the best treatment for restoring function and appearance after tooth loss. An implant is long-lasting, durable, and provides expected natural-looking results. The implant includes the surgical placement of a titanium implant post into your jawbone.

A dental implant is surgically placed in your jaw and helps to integrate with surrounding bone and tissue over several months. Over this process, the implant becomes a permanent part of your dental structure. With proper care of oral hygiene and frequent dental cleanings, your dental implant will last a lifetime with excellent results.

How Implants Can Benefit You

How Implants Can Benefit You

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 One of the most significant benefits of having dental implant restoration as compared to other treatments is that the implant looks and functions just like a natural tooth. The implanted tooth will work precisely like the natural one, and the pressure of the chewing process provides expected stimulation of the jaw bone. But ensure you are taking the implantation treatment from a well-known doctor else other issues may arise due to improper implantation.

If you have been going for dental implants and have done some research from your end, you may have come across the term “the gold standard.” It sounds like a good thing, but what does it mean? Since dental professionals agree that implants are the best and most reliable tooth replacement, they are often referred to as the “gold standard.”

Implants Have a High Success Rate

For the patients with 40-plus years that have dental implants in use, they have been happy to have a 95 percent success rate. And today, with the latest technology like 3-D cone beam imaging, implant procedures are even more predictable and efficient with improved long-term results.

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