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Improvements in technology today aren’t just extending towards more useful gadgets, furniture, or appliances, but also to things that improve our state of self-care and relaxation as well.

Part of these can be more comfortable beds, more sophisticated tubs, jacuzzis, and, in the case of cigarettes, electronic variants. Electronic cigarettes can be another smoking habit, and while some indeed think electronic cigarettes are much safer than actual cigarettes, the former still has its own dangers.

If you’re looking for essential ways how to reduce your electronic cigarette smoking habit, then below are some tips you could try.

Need to Tackle an Electronic Cigarette Smoking Habit?

These tips below may be helpful considerations if you’re ready to kick the electronic cigarette habit but remember that they aren’t always applicable for everyone, as each smoker has a kind of “trigger” or situation that can motivate them to smoke.

It’s best to consult a psychiatrist or a therapist, or even a health professional, in order to get a good idea of how to decrease your smoking habit, especially if you do have to take some form of medicine or other forms of therapy.

Consider Stopping the Source, Triggers

According to WebMD, it’s important to understand that sometimes electronic cigarette smoking can only consume your life if you put yourself in situations that make you want to use electronic cigarettes.

These situations or circumstances are called “triggers” that you should start being aware of in order to better pinpoint a way to at least try resisting the urge for relapse.

  • Try to avoid situations where the urge to consume electronic cigarettes is the strongest, such as bars or parties, or if you’re feeling a bit pressured or stressed from work. This partly means you should be able to make lifestyle adjustments in order to properly adjust to your electronic cigarette-free way of life.
  • Don’t be reckless and relapse on electronic cigarette smoking. Try to find ways to occupy yourself so your attention will be diverted to the distraction instead of actually smoking.
  • Try to delay yourself by mentally “delaying” your electronic cigarette consumption. When that delay period is done, try to distract yourself with something else, such as going to places where you can’t smoke. This “delaying mechanism” can slowly become a habit you won’t even notice.
  • Remember, don’t rely on having “just one” round of electronic cigarettes, as this sets you up for a mentality of going back into electronic cigarette smoking in the long term. If it’s possible for you to be able to set yourself up to stop, then try to be consistent about it.

Consider Professional Treatment, Advice

When you don’t think you’re making any progress by just trying to stop the habit yourself, it might be helpful if you consider seeking advice from professionals about your given situation.

For instance, feel free to consult a physician or a doctor such as in Ecassoc about other treatment methods such as nicotine replacement therapy, among others.

According to Mayo Clinic, nicotine replacement therapy consists of a wide variety of methods that essentially replace the electronic cigarette with something else.

  • Nicotine replacement therapy is normally used to help stop people from smoking cigarettes with nicotine, but this can be an alternative to electronic cigarettes as well. Consider trying things such as prescription nicotine in an inhaler, or nasal spray. There are also things such as nicotine lozenges, gums, and patches.
  • You may also try to “stop” the urge to smoke itself by trying a medicine such as Varenicline or bupropion.
  • Take note that these methods are only short-term solutions, however, and are often there to take over should you have an intense need to consume an electronic cigarette. This means this won’t totally stop you from smoking electronic cigarettes, but at least the option is there should you need to make use of it.

Consider A New Coping Mechanism

Sometimes, people tend to smoke because this serves as their coping mechanism for certain aspects of their life they can’t deal with.

When trying to stop smoking, some people might find the task difficult because smoking has been their go-to coping mechanism when life gets tough and there’s nothing to help them feel calm or relieved.

That is until you find another coping mechanism. This isn’t to say that you should find a new “addiction,” but like the tip above, finding a distraction that can help you works.

However, perhaps trying to find a new hobby entirely can help.

  • Try to see if there’s something you can do that can give you the same “high” as electronic cigarette smoking. Do you like running, or working out? Physical activity can produce endorphins that can make you feel refreshed and energized.
  • You can also try other hobbies as well, such as painting, reading, cooking, or playing video games, which can take a chunk of your time you may have otherwise used for smoking.
  • Try to find a “healthier” thing to do when you want to smoke, but try to find that something that gives the same “rush” as when you use an electronic cigarette. That way, you can get the same benefits you seek from smoking, but without the dangerous effects.


Stopping a habit can be extremely hard, but perhaps reducing it can be a good step toward this objective. When it comes to smoking, electronic cigarette smoking has become a popular option for those who want to reduce their cigarette habits.

You can find more about this at  However, when you think you need to slow down on electronic cigarette usage, there are essential ways how to reduce your smoking habit. The process can be a bit tricky at first, as it’s almost the same as learning how to reduce yet another kind of habit, but it’s not impossible.

This might even eventually lead you out of smoking entirely.

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