Water Contamination

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Water is not safe anymore; there are so many countries in the world where getting safe drinking water has become a huge issue. If you want to have the purest water you must use the kent water purifier complaints email address and get an RO purifier.

However, not everyone knows the threats that consist of water, thus so many people consume unsafe water before even considering the threats of it. Here we have listed the types of contamination in water for your better understanding.

1. Groundwater

At the time of rainfall, the water seeps deep into the earth, and it fills the cracks, and spaces of it. This is the thing that becomes groundwater, and it’s the most important source from all the other. For so many people this is the source of freshwater in their area, but the same gets polluted by the fertilization of the corps, landfills. These actions make the water unsafe for human use. Once this gets polluted, it can spread to other places and can contaminate lakes, streams, and even oceans.

2. Surface water

This is the source that covers at least 70% of the earth, and it’s filled with oceans, rivers, and lakes. You will get to see the proportion from the world map, and it’s pointed by blue. The recent scenario is that the lakes, rivers are polluted to a degree, where it’s never safe for swimming, drinking or fishing. The pollution comes from phosphates, is the leading type of contamination in these freshwater sources. The water discharge from the industries has a fair share of toxins in it. Also, the random waste that is dumped into the water bodies is another evidence of surface contamination.

3. Transboundary

The contamination of water cannot be shown by a map. The Transboundary pollution is when water from one country spills into the other source. This kind of thing can happen because of a disaster, such as spilling of oil, municipal discharge, agricultural faults or downriver creep of industries.

4. Agricultural contamination

The agricultural sector the largest consumer of global freshwater resources. This is also the reason for serious water pollution. In so many countries, this is at the top of contamination, and its main source is the various lakes. The very moment it rains the fertilizers, pesticides, the waste from animals mixes with the water sources, and it has a huge amount of nitrogen and phosphorus, which goes into the air as well. The result we get is the enhancement of toxins in nature and the production of blue-green algae, which is harmful to people and wildlife both.

5. Sewage water

This is the used water, which comes from shower, toilets, industries and from agricultural activities. If you didn’t know then, for your information, 80% of wastewater goes back to the environment, and it’s never even reused. Fortunately, in recent days, many industries have taken this issue seriously, and they are using the wastewater again by refining them.

6. Oil contamination

You must have seen in the news that spilling of oil into the ocean. Every year, not just from the oil tankers but from farms, oil gets spilled and this is another major issue for water contamination. The shipping and the oil industries are not aware of this thing, but the damage is done every single day. The oil seeps through the crack of the ocean floors and it’s not just bad for the environment, but for every lives on earth.

The diseases from drinking water

Contamination is a part, then there are the germs and diseases that can onset on people, are far more dangerous.

  1. Campylobacter jejuni: This bacteria contaminate drinking water and are a very harmful one. It can cause infection in the body and with that other problem like cramping, diarrhea, pain, and fever can show up as well. These symptoms can appear within the two to ten days of exposure.
  2. Escherichia Coli: This is also known as, E.Coli. Contamination with this will show within one night and can be on the 8th day too. Its symptoms are abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea.
  3. Hepatitis A: It causes serious infection and its symptoms are fatigue, dark urine, jaundice, fever, the pain it can happen that the symptoms might show up until the 28th day after the exposure. Hepatitis A takes a long time to cure properly.
  4. Giardia Lamblia: This is, in reality, a parasite and can cause severe infection in the body. It can also be the cause of giardiasis. The symptoms are gas, diarrhea, cramps, nausea.
  5. Legionella pneumophila: This can cause a bacterial disease called Legionnaires disease. Some of the symptoms of the same are cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches and fever. This disease is very serious and the patient has to be hospitalized and in a severe case, it can take life as well.
  6. Salmonella: It’s a common germ that consists of water and can cause chills, fever, pain, diarrhea, headache and so on. Salmonella can contaminate food as well and the symptoms will show up within three days of eating or drinking the food or water.

The actions to be taken

There are so many simple ways this contamination and the growth of germs mentioned above can be reduced, they are,

  1. Reduce the use of plastic, and recycle it whenever you can
  2. You have to dispose of chemicals properly, otherwise, it will be stored as waste and harm the environment
  3. You must maintain your car so that it doesn’t leak oil.
  4. Clean the lakes and other resources of water with the help of your community.

The chances of getting pure water in the villages are really less, but city water is also not free from harmful bacterias and parasite. To take the best steps to prevent the same, you must contact kent RO complaint no and get yourself a good purifier in your home and encourage other people to have the same. Every year so many people die by water contamination, but simple use of a water purifier and some steps against the pollution will always keep you and other people healthy.

The World health organization encourages people to drink the safes and pure drinking water and also educate people to make use of wastewater by recycling it, which will be best for the environment.

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