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When it comes to giving up cigarettes, smokers are always looking for any help they can get in the quitting process to increase the odds of successfully giving up the habit. Although there is no magic bullet which is guaranteed to provide success for everyone who tries it, one new method is gaining popularity due to the pleasant experience and higher success rates it provides.

Quitting with the help of salt-based e juice allows smokers to satisfy many of the cravings which a cigarette hits while reducing the exposure to other harmful elements in each pack. If you’re looking to quit, here are some reasons you should consider trying a vape product to help you through the process.

Increase Your Chances of Success

The first reason to try vaping is also the most important — a rise in nicotine vape use has been found to correlate with a rise in quitting success rates. A quitting regimen with lots of side perks is great, but only if it also accomplishes the main task of helping you to quit more easily. Vape products are a more effective alternative than patches or gum and allow you to still deal with cravings in a way going cold turkey does not.

Cut Out of Harmful Substances

While it’s the nicotine in cigarettes which gets you hooked, it’s far from the only substance you are breathing in every time you take a drag of a cigarette. Nicotine-infused vape products can settle your nerves when you’re craving a cigarette while not having to also take in harmful tar and other carcinogenic substances. If you absolutely need a hit of nicotine it is better to get it with minimal additional baggage.

Control Your Cravings Immediately

One of the major drawbacks to nicotine patches is their inability to adapt to the reality of nicotine cravings. While patches deliver a steady flow, your cravings are not a slow, constant urge. Sometimes you aren’t thinking about smoking at all, while others the pull is too strong to resist. With a nicotine vape, you can react in real-time to quiet those cravings.

No More Lingering Smells

When you take a smoke break at work or light up at the apartment before you head out, the smoke doesn’t leave you as soon as you stop. The smell of smoking has the ability to get into your clothes or embed in your home, leaving the unmistakable aroma on you even when you’re not lighting up. The vapor in vape products has significantly reduced staying power.

Stay With Your Social Circles

Not every smoke break is exclusively about having a smoke. Many smokers are social smokers who want to join friends or coworkers but feel odd standing around not smoking. With a salt nic juice vaporizer, you can join in on the next break while still having something akin to smoking to help you feel like a part of the group.

It’s Safer Than Smoking

The biggest drawback to smoking remains the health risks which it poses, and studies have found that using vapes is significantly less harmful than smoking. If you’re not ready to fully give up everything you enjoy about smoking but you also don’t want to keep exposing yourself to the high health risks of a pack of cigarettes then vape products like e-cigarettes are the solution you need.

The next time you head out to buy a pack of smokes, pick up a vaping product and some nicotine e-juice instead. Get started on your path to completely kick the habit by making the proactive decision to find a safer, more enjoyable way to combat your craving to light up.

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