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The thing that suits you well, should always be used without any single thought. After all, whatever suits you but you still make or intend to make the switch to something that does not suit your body and the body parts, let’s welcome the damage AND expect no single benefit.

Are you thinking of I would just bring you the best combination of shampoos to fight hair loss?

Not really.

The only hair problem is not just ONLY the hair loss problem. There are indeed some mistakes that have happened from the very beginning, and the one that is much more accountable is the use of irrelevant and wrong shampoos per your hair type.

Core benefits of using the right shampoo for your hair type

IF a shampoo is made exclusively for your hair type, you can really count the immense benefits.

Because the right things bring the right benefits.

So, we got the good list of right shampoos for the hair types which deserve, and what you deserve is the nourished hairs;

  1. Shampoo for oily hairs
  2. Shampoo for color-treated hairs
  3. Shampoo for dull hairs
  4. Shampoo for curly and thick hairs
  5. Shampoo for fine hair

Shampoo for oily hairs

Oily hairs may cause irritation and the oil just do not look good to have the hairs filled with.

And such shampoos that contain the formula combined with tea tree oil and peppermint which build up the great ingredient to remove the oil off the hairs and do not let it build up.

Shampoo for color-treated hairs

Having the color-treated hair and what you need is to brighten up and vibrant.

Such hair type turning dull may shade away all of the attraction it could reveal.

The combination of protective ingredients to cleanse them without damaging and fading the color of your hair.

Shampoos that contain hydrolyzed oats have the power to protect the hair color as well as extend life.

Shampoo for dull hairs

Please, look for shampoos that contain glutamic acid and citrus pulp to thoroughly cleanse them twice a month to better protect them from turning dull.

Shampoo for curly and thick hairs

It is purely nature’s gift to have the curly or thick hairs.

And to keep them nourishing and flourishing, one has to apply the shampoo that is rich with botanical extracts and frizz-busting ingredients at the time of washing the hairs.

Even though it would make you feel to wash the hairs every single day but do not do that.

This practice would not bring any benefit, so take a gap of one or two days in shampooing the hair as the natural oil is meant to perform its magic during the gap.

Shampoo for fine hair

Fine hairs are set to get damaged easily as they are prone to absorb the environmental changes.

So to transform them to quarrel with the environmental changes, look out for the shampoos rich with moringa seeds, golden root, and artichoke leaf.


Whatever your hair type is, you need the right set of the shampoo to deal with your hair type.

Next time apply the right shampoo that suits your hair type and sees the magic!

About The Author:

Mohammad Abid is a freelance writer who lives in Karachi, Pakistan. His writing has appeared in publications that include Mavcure, McSweeney’s, National Lampoon, and Reductress.

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