Avoid Back Pain

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can result in a backache.

This happens because the body is subjected to a poor sleeping posture. The spine may be improperly aligned and hence pressure is exerted on the back muscles leading to pain.

One might begin to wonder what and how to prevent this from happening. It lies in getting the right mattress for you.

While it is not one-size-fits-all for choosing a mattress, there are key things to keep in mind in getting a mattress.

Go for a Medium-firm Mattress

Firm and too soft mattresses have been shown to cause back pain. Medium-firm mattresses are recommended. They also provide maximum support and muscle relief than their firm counterparts.

Research published in the British Medical Journal revealed that persons who slept on a medium-firm mattress reported reduced incidents of backache.

Mattress Material

Mattresses come in different materials: latex, natural fiber, memory foam, spring, and hybrid.

However, latex and memory foam have shown to be better choices for avoiding back pain. The viscoelastic property of memory foam ensures proper spine alignment. This can not only prevent back pain but also relieve it.

Latex, Memory Foam, and Natural Memory foam provide excellent posture support as they eliminate negative space and are ideal for spinal alignment.

Memory foam and Natural memory foam offer good pressure relief as they eliminate numbness or soreness. They also allow for maximum blood flow as they evenly distribute body weight.

In fact, health experts consistently recommend memory foam as the mattress type of choice to avoid back pain as they provide ample lumbar support.

There are other kinds of materials that are also great for avoiding back pain. One of them is Celiant; it is a mineral-based fiber embedded in mattress covers. It has been shown to ease muscle stress and promote good blood flow.

Body Type

It is important to match the body type with the right kind of mattress. Heavy persons will usually need mattresses that offer greater support.

In this case, Natural fiber mattresses will be a great choice. Innerspring will suffice for light persons since they also provide good edge support.

Sleeping Posture

Some mattresses are suited to certain kinds of sleeping postures. A side sleeper can develop back pains using a mattress meant for back sleepers. This is because the mattress may not distribute pressure as it would on one designed for side sleepers.

Hence, it is important to take your sleeping posture or preference position into consideration to match the right mattress.

Back sleepers require mattresses that are firm enough to support the lower back but soft enough to also contour the body. Stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress to keep the body afloat.

Product  Reviews

Whatever product options you might have been used by other customers. Do well to delve into reviews to ascertain that that product delivers on its written features.

Do not be deceived by pricing as the highest-priced products do not always end up being of the best quality. Product reviews can help a great deal in sorting out the confusion.

Consider both positive and negative reviews to get a clearer perspective of what you are getting. Suffice it to say that reviews are subjective and based on a unique user’s experience.

Hence, it is important to read as many reviews as possible and then consult with a health expert before making the final decision.


After following the previous guides, endeavor to consult a health professional on your final choice. There might be other medical factors that you might need to consider before making that final decision. This is particularly important for persons who have had health issues in the past.

Technology advances have made available ample mattress options with varying features. With good research following the guidelines above, there is no doubt you will find the right mattress to give you a great and wholesome sleep.

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