Various Skin Conditions

If you have landed here, you might be facing any of the skin tags or the moles.

Don’t worry, they are not going to cause any risk to your health.

I know they are annoying, but the best part is you can quickly get rid of them before they create a problem.

If you want to remove them, you need to visit the best oral surgeon to help you know the safest and most effective way of wart and skin tag removal.

Before you jump on the ways to get rid of it, you must know the difference between skin tags, moles, and warts!!!

Check out the various types of skin conditions below. Scroll now!

1. Skin tags

Sometimes, due to fiction, a little flap of skin forms, causing a skin tag. Skin tags are prevalent, and it is a harmless growth. Almost all the adults face this.

Mainly found under the arm, and can irritate you with the rubbing of the skin. You will notice a little ball of skin cells that get pulled up and starts hanging by a thread.

2. Moles

Moles are one of the severe skin issues. Moles grow slowly, and it takes a long time to grow, and if they by chance become cancerous, you will find a difference.

Have you ever noticed a small pop up growth on your skin?

Does it mean you must take extra precautions from the sun to prevent more from forming moles?

3. Warts

Warts are contagious and are found on knees, hands, and the bottom of your feet. It is unlike moles, formed deep under the skin.

When you see a wart pop up, that means you came in any contact with the person who is having a wart virus. Whether by using the same towel or just by shaking hands.

Can warts, skin tags, and moles go away on their own?

The answer is no, and they don’t go on their own. If you face any of the following issues, a board-certified oral surgeon can give you the most accurate identification and guide you on how it should be removed?

Home remedies For skin tag removal

Are you looking for the techniques for safely removing skin tags at home?

But before you try any of them, you need to consult an oral surgeon near you as any of the home remedies can sometimes give the opposite results.

1. Removal Creams

Many creams for wart removal are available in the market but avoid using the creams that contain salicylic acid.

You must read the instructions given on the box and the method so that your skin fully absorbs it. Most probably, these skin tags fall off within 2-3 weeks.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another best way for wart and skin tags removal is to use apple cider vinegar. Usually, people soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and affix it to the tag for 10 minutes. Do this remedy 2-3 times a day until it falls down.

Important note: If you find any irritation on the skin, stop using it. Apple cider vinegar can cause chemical burns as it is acidic.

3. Cutting

If you are thinking of cutting the skin tag, you must seek the oral surgeon’s approval. It’s painful, so avoid this method. Cutting or clipping can cause bleeding, so think before you try it at home.

4. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil helps treat many skin conditions, and some of the studies say that it can allow for warts and skin tags removal. Take a cotton ball, apply a few drops of tea tree oil, and paste it with the bandage on the skin tag.

This process is lengthy and can take a long time to show results. So have some patience for this home remedy.

5. Warts and Skin Tags Removal Bands and patches

Ligation is a process in which the cells and the tags fall away if you cut the blood supply to the base of the skin tag with bands’ help. If you leave a patch on the tag for several days, it will come off itself.

Medical Ways Of Warts and Skin Tags Removal

  • Excision: This is one of the easiest ways to remove a tag. They use a blade to cut off the tag.
  • Cauterization: In this method, doctors use heat for warts and skin tags removal.
  • Surgery: This is the simple process in which the doctor snips off the tag with scissors’ help.

Sometimes, skin condition looks actually like a skin tag, but it’s not the same that you must consult the best oral & maxillofacial surgeon if you find any changes on your skin like color change, fleshy skin, bleeding or pain, and an increase of skin. Take proper advice before you jump to the decision.

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