The headline news that can be gleaned from the study is that, in 2022, engagement rings are the most-searched-for piece of jewellery via Google in the UK. The case study also found that perhaps unsurprisingly, 30% of all jewellery searches were for engagement rings.

Engagement rings also accounted for more than half of all ring-specific searches. In other words, at the time of the study, the majority of rings sold were purchased by people who were about to propose to their loved ones.

The second most-searched-for piece of jewellery were rings that were either plain gold or gold rings that contained diamonds.

In third place came earrings. 40,000 people in the case study searched for diamond earrings, compared with 15,000 searches for gold earrings.

Wedding rings made up just 11% of all the jewellery searches, suggesting that many people are getting engaged, but not married. This could be down to a number of reasons, including weddings being postponed during the pandemic, people preferring longer engagements to enable them to save more money for their special event, and people wanting longer engagements to make doubly sure they’ve committed to the right person, or couples simply breaking off engagements for a variety of other reasons.

When it came to necklaces, there were 22,000 searches for diamond necklaces compared with 40,000 searches for gold necklaces. Of course, there will be some crossover here, as many of those diamond necklaces will also be set on gold chains. 

If we can retrieve anything from this infographic, it may be that people struggle to make up their minds. But the bottom line is that people still seem to agree that diamonds are forever, and they are the ultimate symbol of the steadfastness and hardiness of love.

They are unbreakable, glitter in even a dark room, and can say a thousand words when the person offering it cannot. For many, gold – however pretty – is simply a canvas for beautiful diamonds.

The case study for this infographic was conducted by Diamond Dealer Direct, a highly-experienced supplier of fine jewellery and diamonds, based in the heart of Birmingham, UK’s famous Jewellery Quarter. Originally a wholesaler dealing directly with the jewellery industry for over 30 years, the business opened its flagship retail premises in 2005.

Diamond Dealer Direct’s jewellery showroom stocks over 6,000 products, including hundreds of designs from hand-picked local craftsmen.

This attractive infographic summarises the results of a fascinating case study conducted by UK-based diamond experts, Diamond Dealer Direct (

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