Struggling to Live Healthy

This year has been a difficult one for us all. There’s no denying it, and there’s been no way to avoid it. The world has thrown a curveball at us and we had seconds to react.

We’ve been quarantined in our homes, have had our regular routine interrupted, and the changes have caused new stresses for us to deal with.

It’s only natural that our everyday wellness has been impacted and we’ve slipped away from some of our healthy habits.

If you have worked out less than you should, and have eaten more junk food than is good for you, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

We should all go easy on ourselves through these tough times and forgive ourselves for some of the negative we’ve done to our bodies.

Then, when you’re ready – and when you’re feeling up to it – get ready to jump back on the horse and gain some of that progress back. There’s still plenty of 2020 left, which means there’s tons of time to turn things around.

If you are struggling to get motivated because of all that’s happened and need some fresh ideas, here’s how you can get your healthy lifestyle back on track:

Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Switch Up Your Workout Routine

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Instantly infuse some excitement into your workout by adopting a brand new routine.

This could include trying out new machines, eliminating all machine

s from your routine, targeting different parts of your body, or just switching how you approach your workout.

The possibilities are practically endless when planning your routine and there’s no need to stay connected to just one way of working out.

In 2020, we’re lucky to have access to the Internet, which is a treasure trove of new fitness trends, equipment, ideas, and workouts.

Dive into the World Wide Web and find the new workout routine that will have you excited to get back at it.

Try New Foods

Finding a new way to eat healthily is always an invigorating adventure and, with all the possibilities today could lead to some pretty delicious snacks.

You can be as explorative as you’d like, from finding new ways to cook your favorite vegetable to trying a new tasty supplement in your post-workout shake.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you’re restricted to just a few things and you can make life exciting again by giving something new a chance.

As we said above, the Internet has so much great information for you to read, so start learning about the new healthy eating trends and find the one that fits into your way of living.

Self-Care Practices That Complement Your Workout


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Hitting your home gym or going for a run is great for you, but they don’t necessarily mean you can’t explore some other self-care practices.

I’ve started paying specific attention to some of the little things I do in the run of the day and how they affect my well-being, both positive and negative.

By monitoring how I sleep, the different moods I feel at different times, and my overall happiness, I have started feeling better about myself and who I am.

There are a variety of self-care practices that go along with your healthy lifestyle that can make a huge difference in the way you feel, the energy you possess, and the positivity you radiate.

Take A Few Days Off

If you’ve been working out this entire time and you’re really not feeling it, then it might be a good idea to take a few days off.

You really are not getting the most out of your workouts if you aren’t enjoying them and it’s better to do what is needed in the long run to make sure you want to workout.

I regularly take a few days off from working out to build my motivation back up to the point where I am excited and fired up to get back at it.

Dig Into The Facts

If you no longer care about how you treat your body and don’t care about the negative effects you may be inflicting on yourself, then it’s always sobering to read the facts.

Jump on the computer and start reading about the risks associated with a lack of exercise, and how poor eating habits can affect you later in life.

If the thought of obesity, heart disease, and more don’t motivate you to take care of yourself, then I really don’t know what would.

The Internet can be a great motivator if you know where to look and (for me) that’s reading about how our bodies need to be taken care of to keep going.

Find a Workout Partner

Find a Workout Partner

Photo by Tanjashaw from Pixabay

A workout partner can motivate you, inspire you, excite you, and energize you – if it’s the right partner. And if you’re struggling to find all of these things, then searching for a partner is a great idea.

Find someone who has the same interests as you and start joining them for a walk, run, or a session at the gym. Humans are always competing against their peers in whatever we do, and personal health is no different.

Conclusion: 2020 is still up for grabs!

This year may not have gone the way we predicted thus far, but there’s still lots of runways left to land this thing with a bang (in a good way)!

Find the missing link between you and a healthy lifestyle and connect them. You will thank yourself for doing it and the act of taking the initiative alone will be a personal achievement for you.

Let’s get up and go get it!

About The Author:

Darcy Cudmore is a Canadian Journalism graduate who is passionate about diving into new topics. When he isn’t writing, you can find him reading a Stephen King book and cheering on the Ottawa Senators.

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