Traveling With Baby

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Traveling with your child can be quite the juggling between bringing the right amount of clothing you need in case they have an accident to how many diapers you will need to make the trip. It’s not as easy as packing for an adult, to say the least.

We know that figuring out what to put in your baby’s suitcase can be quite frustrating for a parent so we have created a list of things to help you get it done. The biggest and most important tip we can offer you is to travel as light as possible.

Trust us carrying your child around will be a task in itself, you don’t want to make that task more difficult by having to lug around lots of material. (See also: Things to Know Before Buying a Pram/Stroller)

The Baby Bag

The baby bag can be the pit of a ton of lost items of your not organized, but it can also be a great carry on of you intend to travel by airplane. In your child’s bag, you should pack at least two back up outfits in case they have an accident.

At least five to seven diapers which may vary depending on how frequently your child uses the bathroom. It is also smart to carry a change of clothes for yourself because babies tend to love decorating our clothes in various shades of poop and vomit.

Speaking of soiled clothing you should keep a plastic bag inside of the baby bag so that you are able to place any dirty clothes in it. And lastly, you’ll need a few jars of baby food so that you have the ability to feed your child when they get hungry during the trip.

Bring Some Toys

You don’t want to bring your child’s whole chest of toys, but you will want to select a few toys that will keep them occupied throughout the trip. Think of toys that can be easily packed and won’t take up a ton of space within your luggage.

Also, think toys that aren’t incredibly noisy because you don’t want to disturb other passengers that are traveling as well. Some children may be fine with some stuffed animals, blocks, or a coloring book.

The reason you don’t want to overpack when it comes to toys is that you may purchase new ones while you are out and about.

Skip The Wipes and Diapers

We recommend that you pack just enough wipes and diapers to get through the traveling part of your trip. Then once you reach your destination inquire with your lodging about the nearest convenience store.

It may also be cheaper for you to purchase the wipes and diapers when you arrive. It also lightens your luggage and frees up valuable space for other items that you need to pack inside of your bags.

Cleaning Supplies

When we say cleaning supplies we mean things like bottle cleaning utensils. This is so that you can have a way to clean your child’s bottles and eating silverware without missing all of those nooks and crannies.

And it won’t take up much space because bottle cleaners are usually very small and easy to store within your baby bag or suitcase. The last thing you need is to have a mold museum growing in the caps of your child’s bottles.

Breast Pump Supplies

You may consider packing your breast pump and a means of storing your breast milk once you’ve pumped it. It can be easy to get off your feeding schedule whilst traveling, therefore, leading to engorged breasts and leaking.

So, carrying your breast pump with you will allow you to pump prior to leaving for a family activity and also makes providing a bottle for your child on the go easy. We recommend it because there are some places in the world where breastfeeding in public is frowned upon heavily.

Therefore, you should pump and store the milk in the baby along with a cold pack that will keep it chilled until your child is ready to eat.

Hopefully, the tips that we have provided for you will help make packing for your child easier to do and less of a headache. Remember, when it comes to your child and packing less is absolutely more and will save you time and space that can be used for other things.

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