Athletes Can Use Kratom In Sports

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Given the opioid crisis, it is better to turn to a less addictive alternative for pain control. Kratom is the newest herb that is offering relief from pain, depression, and anxiety to athletes.

Pain killers are extremely important to a sports person. This is because playing sports cause sore muscles or inflammation from injuries. You might strain your muscles or get small tears when playing. Over the counter pain medicine such as ibuprofen, morphine, Vicodin will relieve the pain.

However, athletes are at a high risk of addiction when they use counter pain medicines. They also harm their health because of their side effects such as nausea, headaches, drowsiness, and constipation, to name a few.

Kratom is the answer to their problems. It is a popular tree grown in Asia.  Its leaves are used for medicinal purposes. They are consumed as capsules, dried then smoked or boiled into tea. Kratom has strains and the main ones include maeng da, Red vein Thai, Green indo, etc.

Effective Pain Killer

 Many athletes are switching to Kratom for pain treatment.  It is a natural herb that will offer pain relief and reduce inflammation. Athletes get injuries all the time. This could be taking a wrong turn on the grass or overtraining.

To reduce pain, they turn to pain killers.  They get addicted to pain medication and leads to the abuse of prescription drugs.  All pain medication will decrease the inflammation of muscles. However, they have side effects. They can cause heart problems, headaches, nausea, etc.

Use Kratom as an alternative to prescription medicine. At higher doses, it reduces pain. You can buy it online, pharmacies and at tea stores. It is plant based hence has no side effects. Your body may develop tolerance to some medications such as opioid.

Opioid medications will make you feel better for some time but become useless after. Maeng da dosage, one of the strains of Kratom, will relieve both acute and chronic pain.

Stimulant and Energy Booster

A Maeng da dosage will provide you with awesome energy boost which will last you for a good time. Maeng da, a strain of Kratom, is an organic, all natural stimulant which will improve your overall productivity.

For many years, Asian farmers used to chew its leaves to boosts their energy while working in their farms.

Overcoming Addictions

Many athletes use painkillers because of the many injuries they sustain in the field. They are effective for acute and chronic pain relief but they come with risks and side effects. Kratom can be used to cure painkillers’ addiction.

It will relieve pain without comedowns and negative effects of painkillers. Several studies show that low doses of Kratom produce stimulant-related side effects. Low doses are less than 5 grams. Additionally, low doses can increase sex drive and alertness.

At higher doses, it reduces pain. It is widely used these days as an alternative to prescription of pain such as opioids. Athletes have been reported to develop drug resistance to over the counter pain medication.

Tolerance occurs when the medicine loses its effectiveness over time. Addictive pain medications include codeine, morphine, meperidine, etc. Relieve addiction symptoms with kratom.

Kratom for treating anxiety and depression

You can use kratom to treat anxiety and depression. A lot of people chewed the leaves of the Kratom tree to self-treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. The herb is purchased in many different forms such as capsules, leaves, gums, and extract.

The leaves can be chewed, smoked or added in tea. You can take Kratom as a dietary supplement. Use it to manage phobias, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder.  If you have fear, feel uneasiness, dry mouth, panic, nausea and insomnia, you are showing signs of anxiety.

So, how does Kratom work for anxiety and depression in athletes? Kratom will soothe your nerves. It has calming effects and will give you a sense of well being.  Additionally, its effects are similar to those of opioids.

Mitragynine, which is the active compound in Kratom binds to pain receptors in the brain to relieve pain. This brings about calmness.

The anti-inflammatory action of Kratom

Inflammation is part of the healing process of the body. It is caused by sports injuries which leave the affected area painful, swollen and looking red. Cytokines are released in the body to initiate healing.

It is usually a slow process especially if it is a muscle, ligament or tendon tear. Dealing with sports injuries can be painful because of inflammation and swelling. As an athlete, you will often turn to over the counter medications which are commonly used to reduce inflammation.

The rate of addiction to pain medications such as opioids has increased in recent years. They are not worth the risk. Though they are powerful painkillers, they come with many risks. Use instead Kratom which has anti-inflammatory action. It will reduce swelling, redness, and pain at the site of injury.

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