Have you ever caught yourself wondering about the biology behind passing gas? Obviously, we all suffer it, and you’ve probably seen whacky posts on pills making your farts smell good.

For example:

This topic is mainly seen as something humorous and people often lack the knowledge behind the science of flatulence.

Most people don’t even know what the term flatulence is. This article’s goal is to make readers more knowledgeable than they were yesterday.

What exactly is flatulence?

As weird as the name sounds, flatulence is simply known as a fart. Since we’re all human, we basically experience this sensation due to gas. Gas is accumulated in our digestive system, and it can be passed at least 10 times a day.

Some people pass gas more excessively than others. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of some pills which make farts smell good, and you’ve probably wondered why on earth someone would invent that.

There’s a condition known as excessive flatulence whereby a person passes more gas than usual.

That is the purpose of the existence of pills that make farts smell good. I know farting is often seen as a humorous subject, but there’s a whole biological process.

Our body goes through a gas change process when we eat, drink, exhale, and inhale, all making gas accumulate.

Gas is passed through the anus, which is basically the flatulence process. Gas can also be passed through the mouth, which is known as belching.

Causes of flatulence

Flatulence is simply caused by the habits of a human. The way you eat and your routine are very important factors in establishing what causes flatulence. Flatulence is a result of gas exchange.

  • Eating foods like fruit, vegetables, and dairy products cause our body to pass more gas due to the ingestion of carbohydrates.
  • A smoker is more likely to suffer from excessive flatulence due to the irritation of the digestive system. It also allows more gas into the body, which obviously causes excessive passing of gas.
  • If your normal diet does not contain a lot of carbs and sugar, and you don’t swallow excessive air, then it may be due to medical conditions such as constipation and indigestion. This causes more passing of gas, thus the need for pills that make farts smell good.
  • Some of the medicine we take may have flatulence as a side effect. Some examples being ibuprofen and laxatives.

How to treat Flatulence

How to treat Flatulence

1. Maintain your diet

It should be known that a large diet consisting of carbohydrates is often more difficult for the digestive system to break down.

When ingested, the breakdown of carbs releases more gas. We can always replace our usual carb intake with foods like rice, grapefruit, and lettuce.

2. Start using a food journal

We often forget what we eat and what irritates our digestive system, which is why it’s good to note down whatever causes excessive flatulence. Related.

You then can learn to avoid the specific foods that upset your system or eat less of them.

3. Correct your eating habits

You might try changing your meal pattern from three large meals a day to five or six small meals a day instead of three huge ones. This helps the digestion process as it works more effectively.

4. Chew properly

Reduce doing anything that may raise the amount of air that you swallow. Make sure that you chew your food properly and avoid chewing gum.

5. Make exercise a habit

Studies have shown that exercising daily helps to increase effective and efficient digestion.

6. Temporary relief in the form of charcoal tablets

The charcoal absorbs gas in your gut and reduces the symptoms of flatulence. Note that medications will only temporarily provide relief.

7. Stop smoking

Smoking basically allows more gas into the body, and it can also irritate the digestive system. By reducing smoking, you reduce gas and irritation of the digestive system, which then reduces excessive flatulence.

When you need to see a doctor

Sometimes our excessive flatulence may be a sign for something serious. If the following situations occur, then it’s probably time to see a doctor.

  • The gas is continuous and severe
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Blood in stool


Let’s get real, farting is totally normal, and it’s usually nothing to worry about. Honestly, if you don’t pass gas at least 10-15 times a day, then that’s something to actually be concerned about.

If there’s nothing serious according to this article, then you should probably just get pills that make your farts smell good. Take the easy way out…pun not intended.

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