According to the research, in the US around 22 million Americans have lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic and the number is still growing.

Where the devastation of the coronavirus was the biggest reason for anxiety and depression among people, now the fear of getting laid off has turned out to be another unsolvable issue.

Things are getting out of hand every day as the global crises begin to surface. During this time, the only thing one can do is to keep himself sane and grounded to figure out the best way to handle the situation.

How Unemployment Influences Mental Health

With unemployment two things are certain to happen- depression and anxiety. Losing a job causes a serious toll on one’s health and it affects him in many different ways.

Unable To Pay Basic Necessity

Whether you are a responsible family man or you have to handle your own expenses, when a person becomes unable to pay for his basic necessities he gets depressed and takes a lot of stress.

Lack Of Purpose

You have spent your days busy handling your office work and now after being unemployed you do not have a purpose to spend your day and you lack the motivation to even welcome a day. So, all of these things and lacking begin to affect your mood and you become cranky and gradually losing hope in yourself.

Lack Of Entertainment To Get Distracted

During the pandemic, you cannot meet your friends, and even if you poke them online they would be busy working during their shift hours.

Everybody has a routine to follow whereas you are free throughout the day begging people for attention and time.

For a person who has always stayed busy with work or routine, staying free all the time can cause a great deal of depression. It gets uncontrollable sometimes.

Unhealthy Coping Skills

The next most troublesome mistake you make is to indulge in unhealthy coping habits. You start smoking and drinking to cope up with the sorrow and depression. In this way, you deteriorate your health at double the pace.

Ways To Combat Anxiety And Depression

Ways To Combat Anxiety And Depression

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Despite how huge your problem is, there still are ways that can help you overcome your depression and anxiety after being unemployed. You just need to follow the tips mentioned below:

Apply For The Unemployment Funds

You should first apply for the unemployment funds and get your due from the government. It will come as a huge support for you. You will at least not have to worry about your basic expenses with the funds transferred by the government.

Create A Proper Budget

You may have been blindly spending your money before but things have changed now. It’s not just a normal unemployment phase its unemployment during the pandemic so you have to be serious about it. You need to know how much can you save and what are the expenses that should be kept on hold.

Apply For Jobs

The next step is to apply for the best jobs and posts. You must not be too choosy and should apply as many vacancies as possible. It’s important to have a job first whether you 100% like it or not.

Staying unemployed during the pandemic is not a good option. Look for jobs on different platforms hunt every resource and make sure to shortlist them according to your skillset.

As employers are being too choosy nowadays they will not prefer a candidate lacking expertise as per their requirement.

Enhance Your Skills

You should know how to best utilize the time. You should get enrolled in an online course or get free certifications that can add up to your resume. You need to look for ways you can improve your skills or learn new skills to perform better.

Talk To A Friend 

Even though you cannot go and personally meet your friends but you can still get in touch with them online. You should take the time out to talk to them to vent out your sorrow. Ask for their help if they can refer a job or two for you.


One thing that can help you stay focused and grounded in meditation. You need to practice exercises and such forms of meditation that can let you pay attention to finding inner peace. You need to be able to breathe out the anxiety and to channel positive thoughts.

Structure Your Day

Even if you are not employed and involved in work from an activity routine, you still have to structure your day. Do wake up at your usual time and find out productive things to do.

You can pay attention to learning new skills and adding more worth to your day. It’s not just a fight against the COVID-19 it’s your fight against stress, depression, and anxiety as well.

How To Stay Work Attentively With The Fear Of Getting Laid Off

You may not be able to take control of the global crises but you surely can control your consciousness. The fear of what is coming in the future should not disturb your present.

Stay healthy at work

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You need to stay healthy at work and practice ways that can help you in pouring your creativity and attentiveness when at work. You need to stay focused and confident. Have faith in yourself and work with your complete devotion.

Do not give a single chance of failure or leave loopholes on your way. You may be a hard worker but as the time has come when every other business is facing crises,

you need to step outside your comfort zone and work with double the level of productivity. When you become able to hit the paddle at the top sped nobody would dare to lay you off. Show your worth and be the best employee of the team.

Winding Down 

Even during the hardest time never lose hope. You must not surrender to your anxiety or fall for your insecurities. You should know how to keep your head up and work hard to overcome all the troubles and problems in your life.

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